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I want to become a succesful #youtuber. Any advice?

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7 answers

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Vineeth’s Answer

It can be hard to get noticed on YouTube, it’s not impossible with the right tips and practices, your rise to stardom and success can be relatively smooth

* Set Your Goal - Not having goals and a clear path of action results in inconsistency, lack of direction, and inevitable failure. Start by having a clear path of action
* You have a lot to learn before you get your first video out. You need to learn how to record, edit and post.
* Get Everything You Need To Begin and Grow. Quality is king on YouTube.
* You have to keep the momentum going by uploading your videos regularly.
* In this digital age, things are ever changing. If you want to compete aggressively you need to keep up. This is another reason why having a particular niche is important.

One of the ways to become a successful YouTuber is giving your channel as much exposure as possible. So make sure to have your base following intact so that they can share your channel and also share it on your other social media pages. Be innovative, fresh, clear and consistent in building your channel, and it will all flow.

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Joshua’s Answer

Let your creativity flow! There are a lot of individuals out there providing different type of content, you want to be able to set yourself apart and show that you bring something outside of the box. Make sure to keep up on trends and be open to all different types of cultures and backgrounds. Of course having the right equipment for the quality of video and audio makes a big difference.

Here is a video that might also help with the right equipment to use as a beginner

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Derek’s Answer

Find your favorite youtubers and study their content. What kind of music are they playing? Are they doing voice overs? What camera angles do they use? When do they release their videos? These will give you good ideas on how to start, then the last thing I would say is to just start putting out videos. Regardless of quality (which you can improve over time) just start releasing content! If you look at the first videos of most major YouTubers, it's not great.

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Dhaval’s Answer

Hi Ibrahima,

Here are the 11 steps you need to take in order become a successful YouTuber:

Define what success means to you and remember it.
Develop your channel's goals and content.
Map it out.
Make sure your channel page is welcoming.
Mind your SEO.
Be consistent. Be-be consistent.
Get to the point.
Keep up with your niche.

Ref Link: https://www.wix.com/blog/2018/07/how-to-become-successful-youtuber


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LaQuita’s Answer

Research Youtube platform and guidelines to set up a channel. Know what type of content, you plan to present. Be mindful of security concerns: make your background is free of any personal info ( school, home address, and family photos). In invest lighting and cameras, have fun.

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Carla’s Answer

It's all about the content and how you presented it in a way that viewers will enjoy watching. It may not be easy at the beginning but when you have the passion and drive to do it then it will be a great success! Start to plan it out, learn about youtube beginner tutorials, and enjoy making your videos!

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Rachit (Richi)’s Answer

1. Identify a Name for your Channel
2. Create Your Content
3. Invest in a Good Camera/ Lighting , etc.
4. Use keywords so you are searchable
5. Promote your brand through other social media platforms.
6. Understand your content type / market/ any competitors.