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Why is logarithm very difficult?

Hi i am Nandhini. i am studying 9th standard my question is why logarithm is very difficult? #teaching #teacher #professor #mathematics #math

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3 answers

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Niranjan’s Answer

Hi Nandhini,

Logarithms are not difficult and when you understand them, they are very interesting too. For example, if you wanted to plot a graph with the following three numbers (1) 100, (2) 1000000, and (3) 20000000000 on the same Y-axis it would be pretty much impossible to do it with a linear graph but with a logarithmic graph it would be simple.

A great place to learn logarithms is on Khan Academy. See the link below.

Good luck!

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Andrew’s Answer

It is not difficult at all, it is more like learning a new concept. Since you are comfortable with the basic, you feel it is hard to learn a new concept. take time and keep study, it will sink in. make it into real language and you will make it very clear.

Example: 5^x = 100 is hard to understand but if you say "How many 5 to multiply with each other to get 100?"
the answer is about 2.86135.

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Saurabh’s Answer

Logarithm is not difficult. The thing is you have to understand the basics well and spend some time solving problems. I also used to think like you when I was in high school but instead of cornering it away due to fears , I fought with it and eventually conquered it. See it is human nature, if you encounter anything which you don't know then it seems to be hard. See doing surgery for a surgeon is easier for him as compared to you because you have never done that. Once you become surgeon, it becomes easy for you as well.

What I would suggest is get a good book, practice basics and then practice from a standard book. If you do this, I believe logarithm would become a cake walk for you.

Saurabh recommends the following next steps:

watch Youtube videos for basic logarithms. You can Filter videos by number of views/likes to save time.
make notes of basics for future reference
Get a standard book and practice some 150-200 questions over span of one or two weeks (daily 15-20 questions or as per your convenience)