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Rickie’s Avatar
Rickie May 26, 2016 1068 views

What should I expect in a Graphic Design career?

Going to study Graphic Design this fall. #graphic-design #graphics #web-design #graphic-designer

Bria’s Avatar
Bria Feb 03, 2017 2747 views

How long does it take to plan an event?

I am a junior in high school, looking into becoming an event planner. I was wondering how long, on average in takes to plan an event. #event-planning #event-management #coordinating-events #wedding-planner #meeting-planner

Isabelle’s Avatar
Isabelle Jan 16, 2018 725 views

I want to teach math, but I have knee problems that need a consistent stream of money to stay okay. Advice?

I am good at math. I get As in AP math classes and tutor and do competition math for fun. But honestly, my biggest joy in math is my tutoring. I love to teach. Nothing fires me up like a kid that hates math because a bad math teacher failed them and convinced them they're awful at it. I hate...

RAVI’s Avatar
RAVI Oct 30, 2017 1105 views

Career after B.Sc. Mathematics?

What are the career opportunities after completion of #B.Sc. in #Mathematics #math

Nandhini’s Avatar
Nandhini Apr 29, 2016 1224 views

Why is logarithm very difficult?

Hi i am Nandhini. i am studying 9th standard my question is why logarithm is very difficult? #teaching #teacher #professor #mathematics #math

Tiffanie’s Avatar
Tiffanie Aug 19, 2016 3067 views

How do you get over public speaking fears?

Before I give a presentation, I usually get very anxious, and even though I might be pretty prepared, I stutter and repeat the same words sometimes. What are good tips and tricks to help me improve presentation skills, and how would you give a great speech? #communications #communication...