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Hannah S. Jan 16, 2018 1370 views

What kind of math classes are required to major in animation?

I have tooken many college classes to help save for the cost of college but the highest math class I was able to take in high school was College Algerbra. Would I have to Take any further math courses such as calculus or stats to pursue this career? #mathematics-education #math...


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Isabelle H. Jan 16, 2018 278 views

I want to teach math, but I have knee problems that need a consistent stream of money to stay okay. Advice?

I am good at math. I get As in AP math classes and tutor and do competition math for fun. But honestly, my biggest joy in math is my tutoring. I love to teach. Nothing fires me up like a kid that hates math because a bad math teacher failed them and convinced them they're awful at it. I hate...

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Nathan G. May 27, 2016 592 views

What are some good teaching strategies for Secondary/High School students?

I am studying to be a math teacher, primarily for secondary school/High school, and want to know what some people have done to help teach difficult children and/or tips to make teaching easier. I am hoping to teach in China, but tips used in the States would be welcome as well. #teacher...

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Allison F. Oct 25, 2016 740 views

What jobs, besides teaching, can Math majors get?

I love mathematics, but the high school teaching salary has me wary of that job. Are there other jobs, besides accountants, that math majors are qualified for? #mathematics #math #mathematics-education...


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Diana G. Mar 08, 2017 433 views
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Jill C. Jan 17, 2017 825 views

About architure

Well is it true that the math and other units of architecture is really hard??? What type of math there is? Will there be a lot of making model structure? Will there be a lot of reports? I really wanted to take up architecture but the math scares me ,makes me think to just change career choice....

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Emily K. Oct 28, 2016 406 views

Should every student take an advanced math course in college no matter what major or minor? How important is math when one is studying science?

I love everything about science, but math oftentimes translates as a foreign language. I find myself eager to be outside doing labs and sampling but dreading sitting at a desk punching in numbers on a calculator. Although I don't like math, I know it's a crucial part of education. I would like...

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Tamara B. Oct 25, 2016 619 views

When it comes to teaching math what is the best grade to work with?

I have always wanted to be a math teacher and I love kids, but I was wondering if there are certain grades or topics that are better to teach. #teaching #education #math...


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Keegan M. Sep 11, 2016 632 views

Should I spend less time and money in college but graduate with a less desirable degree for my intended career?

Hi! My name's Keegan and I'm currently an undergraduate student in the honors program at Tulane University. After seeing and realizing the financial burden of my first semester here on both my family and my future self, I started thinking about changing my previous plan of a 3+2 year dual...

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Jasmine F. May 13, 2016 482 views

If you get a masters in teaching how much does that raise your income?

I want to be a teacher and I know its a low paying job. I'm wondering if I get a Masters how much that will raise my income. #high-school #k-12-education...


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Malathi M. May 11, 2016 444 views

How to became a maths professor ?

interested on calculation...