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Isabelle Jan 16, 2018 898 views

How do I combine math and music and teaching?

I love math. Before I loved it in school, I would go work out math puzzles with my uncle Richard, compete and train with Math Counts, take the AMC tests, and calculate measurements with my dad in his workshop; now I take the hardest math classes at my school and tutor math through National...

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Isabelle Jan 16, 2018 891 views

I want to teach math, but I have knee problems that need a consistent stream of money to stay okay. Advice?

I am good at math. I get As in AP math classes and tutor and do competition math for fun. But honestly, my biggest joy in math is my tutoring. I love to teach. Nothing fires me up like a kid that hates math because a bad math teacher failed them and convinced them they're awful at it. I hate...