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Elly R. Jan 10, 2018 255 views

Is it possible to get a BA in music, with a minor in math or physics, and then apply to a graduate program in acoustics?

I am curious because I have been researching the career acoustical engineering, and want to know more about different possibilities to pursue that field. #tags #acoustics #engineering #college #career #mathematics...


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Zalika B. Jan 09, 2018 280 views

What is needed to become an Acoustic Engineer?

I'm a Senior in High school and I play many instruments. lately I've been interested in how Acoustics work in any hall or space. I'd like to take a class on this especially in college but i am not sure where to start. Any comments and or tips are greatly appreciated. #music #sound-engineer...

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Sylvia E. Jan 11, 2018 373 views

I want to be an acoustical engineer - what can I do to start now?

I'm a freshmen in high school and I'm interested in becoming an acoustical engineer. I play an instrument and I enjoy physics and math. I know that acoustical engineers need to have at least a masters degree and experience in the field. What can I do now to get started? How and where do I get...

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