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haley Mar 19, 2018 390 views

Which area of an advertising major interests you the most

i need help answering

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Robert Jan 16, 2018 657 views

If there wasn't money would you choice a different path in life?

Is your goal to have money or something else?

#tags #question #realtalk #lifequestions #why

Robert’s Avatar
Robert Jan 16, 2018 497 views

Why are people more interested in finding a job that supplies money instead of following their dream?

In today's society people tend to follow the money instead of following their deams; my question is why? If you're not happy in the job you choice then why bother do it?
#tags #question #moneyofdreams

Elly’s Avatar
Elly Jan 10, 2018 560 views

Is it possible to get a BA in music, with a minor in math or physics, and then apply to a graduate program in acoustics?

I am curious because I have been researching the career acoustical engineering, and want to know more about different possibilities to pursue that field. #tags #acoustics #engineering #college #career #mathematics #college-major

Erin’s Avatar
Erin Sep 01, 2017 482 views

How much variety do you see every day as an Opthalmologist?

I think that ophthalmology sounds really interesting, but I tend to get bored easily when I have to repeat the same things over and over. As an opthalmologist would I see many different types of interesting cases, or would it mostly be the same surgeries and routines every day? #medicine...