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What is the most impactful project a bio-medical engineer can work on in their career?

Updated Irving, Texas

I am still deciding on what career I would like to pursue. I want to do something that will leave an impact for others to benefit from, therefore I want more information if bio-medical engineering is for me. #engineer #biomedical #science #medical #hospital-and-health-care

2 answers

MICHAEL’s Answer

Updated New York, New York

Marshall, It would depend on what branch of BioMed you want to go into. Some go into research, where you

would be developing new types of equipment or software,, or new uses for existing equipment. Another branch

is the repair and maintenance BioMed department, in a hospital or private company. In this area you would be

assuring the safety of all the equipment used on patients in the hospitals, doctor's offices and clinics that you

would serve. Either way you would be helping people every day, to recover from illness or injury and live better lives. Good luck whichever you choose.

MICHAEL recommends the following next steps:

  • Talk you your school guidance councilor, or speak with an admissions officer of an engineering school that has the program you are interested in. Another resource would be a local Biomedical Society.

Andrew’s Answer

Updated Mountain View, California
Working for research facility running by non-profit organizations to help people/animal/planet...