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Shravani N. May 02, 2016 647 views

How do I find a part time job working with a doctor/medical professional?

I'd love to learn more about the work that doctors/medical professionals do. I thought that finding a job working alongside a medical professional might help me learn. What options exist? #doctor #professor #medicine #hospital-and-health-care #hospitals #career #college...


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justice D. May 07, 2016 551 views

when becoming a nurse practitioner, what is the best degree to get? Would it be better to go above a masters?

I am asking this question because i want to become a nurse and i want to know what would be the best degree to get. #doctor #nurse #healthcare #pediatrics #hospital #hospital-and-health-care...


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Sara W. May 13, 2016 640 views

Is it better to get my Nurse practitioner or physicians assistant?

After I graduate with a nursing degree I want to go on and get either my NP or PA. Not sure which is better to get. #medicine #nurse #healthcare #physician #nurse-practitioner #doctor...


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Grace U. May 16, 2016 596 views

What majors are good for a future OB/GYN to take besides Pre-Med or Biology?

I'm asking because some colleges don't really have a Pre-Med program and I don't want to pursue a major as general as biology or chemistry. #college #doctor #healthcare...


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Destinie C. May 17, 2016 477 views

Whats the best way about being a surgeon when you have a family or are planning to have one? Is it better to be a general surgeon or go into specialty?

Im really focused on becoming a vernal surgeon since it is my dream since I was little, and I am personally a family oriented person who would love to have a family of my own someday. But i realized that general surgeons work up to 12 hours daily and have to be available at ALL time when on "on...

#hospital-and-health-care #doctor #medicine #parents

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Jackie S. May 18, 2016 632 views

As a woman, is it ever difficult to work in a male-dominated work environment?

Being a health professional is often seen as a job held by men, which could get intimidating. #medicine #health...


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Ariel B. May 18, 2016 575 views

Do I need to still attend medical school to fulfill a career as a Dermatologist?

I've done some research but haven't found a definite answer if medical schooling is a requirement to become a Dermatologist. I love skin care products, and it's my dream to create my own line to help people feel confident in their own skin. -school #dermatology #skin-care-products #science...

#hospital-and-health-care #medicine

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nakiiyah S. May 18, 2016 675 views

What is the best advice you would give a student seeking her radiology degree?

I am currently in the radiology program. It is going well so far, I really like the practice and my grades reflect that. I am curious to know of any outside resources or suggestions relating to the field in general. #radiology #science...


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Nikhil T. May 19, 2016 650 views

Is double majoring useful for a doctor?

I am planning on being a doctor and am thinking about double majoring. #doctor #hospital-and-health-care #medicine...


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Megan M. May 26, 2016 934 views

Does nursing ever offer any moments that completely make you feel fulfilled, or does the job become repetitive and mundane as many other people feel about their jobs.?

It may sound too head-in-the-clouds, but as I've been told time and time again, "do what makes you happy." In a job that seems to require stoicism and perhaps some not-too-happy moments, by the time you perhaps feel that you have become numb to the environment, is it still fulfilling? Why does...

#hospital-and-health-care #healthcare #nursing #nurse #medicine

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Emmalee S. May 26, 2016 557 views

What should I expect after graduation from nursing school?

I am going into to my sophomore year of college and I am already in a four-year nursing program. I am think towards the future and am curious to what I should expect after I graduate. I know it is three years down the road, but I just want to be prepared #nursing #health #care-giver...

#hospital-and-health-care #healthcare #medicine

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Louisena O. Oct 20, 2016 1089 views
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Lyndsey O. Oct 29, 2016 477 views

How demanding is a job in pediatric nursing?

I am currently deciding on which program to apply to- pediatric nursing or emergency-care nursing. #nursing #healthcare #registered-nurses #pediatrics #pediatric-nursing...


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Destiny A. Feb 08, 2017 529 views

How many years do you have to go to college to become a physical therapist?

Hey my name is destiny and i was wondering this question because I want to know how long i will be in collage so i can prepare! #physical-therapist #physical-therapy #healthcare #medicine...


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Claire L. Sep 01, 2017 488 views

What does it take to become an ER nurse?

I am interested in possibly becoming an er nurse but am curious if it involves more or less schooling than an RN #nurse #emergency-medicine #nursing...