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Does nursing ever offer any moments that completely make you feel fulfilled, or does the job become repetitive and mundane as many other people feel about their jobs.?

It may sound too head-in-the-clouds, but as I've been told time and time again, "do what makes you happy." In a job that seems to require stoicism and perhaps some not-too-happy moments, by the time you perhaps feel that you have become numb to the environment, is it still fulfilling? Why does or doesn't it make you happy? #nursing #nurse #medicine #healthcare #hospital-and-health-care

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4 answers

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Angela’s Answer

Fortunately nursing has many specialities. Many new graduate nurses usually start out on a medical/surgical floor to get their bearings. Then you can always go to a specialty that you have an interest in like....mother/baby, operating room, intensive care unit, orthopedic floor, oncology unit, etc. It only gets mundane if you don't allow yourself to learn and grow. If you're a flexible person and have an open mind, then you can take on the challenges. Remember, learning is a life long process. I hope that helps, good luck.

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Donna’s Answer

I think that nurses work very hard and it takes a very dedicated individual to be a "good" nurse. What is so awesome about being a nurse, is the ability to change your job and continuously learn new things. Not everything is depressing or sad, there are many positive experiences that make you feel good about why you became a nurse. I do not think that nursing becomes mundane unless you allow it too! When you begin to notice a lack of fulfillment or caring, it is time to review what you are doing. Sometimes it is the environment in which you are working and other times it is knowing that it is time to try another area of nursing. I have been a nurse for over 20 years and have worked in areas such as ICU, Cardiovascular Surgery, Emergency Medicine. I am currently in an administrative role and enjoy this very much. Nursing is not mundane if you do not allow it to be! I hope that this answered your question.

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Beth’s Answer

Nursing has been a totally awesome ride!!!
I started on an infant Med-surg floor at Johns Hopkins. Then Peds IV therapy. Then Peds homecare. Then weekend option IV therapy. Then Peds Home IV Admin. Then a National Education Coordinator. Then peds research. first site coordinator, then clinical project coordinator then site monitor. then research admin.
Then I tried being a research data base manager. A desk job that I didn’t like.
So, back to Peds research jobs.
Now I do home infusion on a schedule, that I choose.
I have been a nurse for almost 36 years. I have NEVER felt bored or sorry about my career choice.
There are SO many things to do with a degree in nursing! There are hundreds of ways to be a happy nurse!!!

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Lori’s Answer

Hi, Megan,

How are you? Great question. I have found after workin g in the nursing fielld for over twenty five years that you as a nurse can control your daily overall outcomes of self fulfillment.

There are so many different fields of nursing everything ramgiing from Travel Nursing ICU to Travel. Skilled Nursing, Home Health Field Visit Nurse, Aciue Care Floor Nurse, Health Insurance Nurse, one of the newest ground breaking fields of nursing is Nurse/Attorney.

I have found far that when I worked in Hospice Care that it was truly self fulfillillng and an absolute honor to assist another human being to leave this world pain free , comfortable with their their spiritual religious belief. I hope this helps. You have. a fantastic day!!

Lori recommends the following next steps:

Before locking into a specialty in nursing so it will not tag you only in a specific field of nursing. Try working as a Travel Nurse it is a great way where you can obtain field work experiences in a variety areas of nursing. and if you have a curiosity of what it would be like to work in Military Medicine they now are using Travel Nurse Contractor's.