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Career Questions tagged Chemicals

Wrayzene’s Avatar
Wrayzene Aug 16, 2017 796 views

Chemistry vs Chemical Engineering

What are the pros and cons for majoring in each? How to choose one over the other? What jobs can I pursue with each? Can I switch from each? How? Graduate options?
Any other advice on choosing one as a major. #chemical-engineering #chemistry #choosing-a-major #chemicals #chemicals

Shimaa’s Avatar
Shimaa Dec 13, 2016 1171 views

can any one tell me a website , a book or something else to help me to understand chromatography?

I am a B.student in a Faculty of science, I want to understand chromatography well. #chemistry #chemical-engineering #chemical-engineer #chemicals

Genesis’s Avatar
Genesis Oct 28, 2016 1012 views

How did you decide on what you wanted to be?

I know I want to study something in the medical field, but I am still very indecisive. Sometimes I think of other careers to focus on but I'm not sure. I need advice on how to choose. I would like to know how a professional decided her/his career. #medicine #physician #photography...

Kaitlyn’s Avatar
Kaitlyn Oct 23, 2016 3311 views

What is a day in the life of a pharmaceutical chemist like?

Having a family and having personal time is important to me, but so is having a successful career. How much time would I put into this job each week? Is overtime involved? Would I have time for a family? #pharmaceuticals #chemicals #pharmaceutical-industry #medicinal-chemistry

Lisamarie’s Avatar
Lisamarie Oct 20, 2016 768 views

What are some obstacles i should tackle that will show me what being a chemical engineer is really like?

i want a taste of the chem engineer life is it bland with little flavor or alive with disease #chemistry #chemical-engineering #chemical-engineer #chemicals

Lisamarie’s Avatar
Lisamarie Oct 20, 2016 770 views

In the world I've noticed the gender gap is this something I should worry about?

I've done some search ups and so far I've met seven male physic professors and one female chemistry professor honestly it's a little intimidating and I don't know what to make of it all my friends encourage me but i just don't know.... #physics #chemical-engineering #chemical-engineer #chemicals

Morgan’s Avatar
Morgan Oct 20, 2016 930 views

What's the hardest thing about being a biologist or chemist (or anything related to these careers)?

I have interest in becoming someone working in these career fields. #biology #chemistry #biochemistry #molecular-biology #chemical #chemicals #medicinal-chemistry #organic-chemistry

shamel’s Avatar
shamel May 15, 2016 928 views

what are the fundamental skills needed for a career in chemical engineering ?

i am interested in going into the field of chemical engineering. what exactly are some of the major classes i will have to take? what is a good college to attend for this program? #engineering #career-counseling #chemical-engineering #chemicals

Caitlin’s Avatar
Caitlin Apr 25, 2016 2725 views

What should you major in college if you want to be a make up artist?

I want to be a make up artist and want to go to college. #science #chemistry #makeup #chemicals

Ashley’s Avatar
Ashley Mar 10, 2016 1087 views

What classes do you in college if you are looking to do botany.

I am asking because I am interested in that specific field which is botany. #chemical-engineering #science-phd #life-sciences #earth-science #chemicals #bio-chem #chemist #organic-chemistry

Byron ’s Avatar
Byron Oct 02, 2014 1888 views

What is the successful path to become a chemical engineer?

I want to be able to make medicine and find more healthier ways to take the meds. #chemical-engineering #chemical-engineer #chemicals