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Chemistry vs Chemical Engineering

Asked Washington, Washington

What are the pros and cons for majoring in each? How to choose one over the other? What jobs can I pursue with each? Can I switch from each? How? Graduate options?
Any other advice on choosing one as a major. #chemical-engineering #chemistry #choosing-a-major #chemicals #chemicals

3 answers

Michael’s Answer

Updated Mine Hill Township, New Jersey
Chemists work on a lab scale, Chemical Engineers work on an industrial scale. Chemist discover, Chemical Engineers take those discoveries and make them commercially viable. Chemists will need a Masters or PhD to be more than a helper in a lab. Chemical Engineers can take their Bachelors degree and work on the largest of projects any where in the world.

Andrew’s Answer

Updated Mountain View, California
I agree with Micheal; Farukh does have his point but needed to be corrected. Chemical Engineer has to take fluid transport and it is deeper than any other engineering field (material, and piping design...), and also deeper than chemist (obviously). So, it might be true that Chemical Engineer is the Jack of all due to the wide knowledge they obtained but they are master of Chemical Engineering.

Farukh’s Answer

Updated Doylestown, Pennsylvania
I agree 100% with Micheal Above. but Chemical Engineers lack the depth need to innovate and bring products to market. All formulations and new product development / innovation comes from the chemistry. Chemical Engineer is jack of all (mechanical engineering, industrial eng, environmental eng. chemistry, biotechnology, etc.. ).. but not a master of anyone thing unless they do PHD or work in a dedicated field for more that 6 years. Chemical Engineer with strong minor in basic sciences (chemistry, biology or material sciences etc..) is a best option..