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Basically i am an accountant try to apply jobs & please let me knowwhat is the toughest part of the jobs for me ?

i am an accountant i am applying to get the opportunity for a job
please let me know the above Question-answer? us

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2 answers

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Marites’s Answer

If this is your first job straight from college, I suggest that you start your career in an auditing firm. Having that audit skills will really help in your career based on my experience. I started my career as an auditor and I'm very thankful that I did it. It is a very good training ground and foundation for new college grads. Being in an auditing firm, can hone a lot of skills - communication, building relationships, project management, technical skills, analytical, etc. If you love to travel, there will be opportunities for you to travel as well. You can either stay in audit all the way to partner or you can move out to industry after a couple of years of stint in auditing firm.

If this is not your first job and you are thinking of moving job, then I suggest that you go with an area that you are passionate about. For example, if you are a GL accountant and would like to try other accounting roles, then you might want to consider Revenue as your next job so you get that wholistic experience in Accounting, which could help you become a Controller in the future. It is tough to move from one area to another area, but as long as you have the technical skills, and is a good fit to the role, I believe you'll be able to do it. I hope this helps. Good luck!

thank you for getting me answering! I'm glad to hear you! Mr.marites sometimes i felt analytic & Roi & other field but sometimes i felt i m boring in this job i don't know why & what happened with me really it's too many painfully feelings hen my mind thinking about the choice of this field i will switch another field. can you please suggest to me why did happen to me? Waqas A.

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Rod’s Answer

Accounting is a very broad field so as a beginning accountant try to gain as much experience and knowledge as you can in various aspects of the field and try not to be limited to one aspect of the field of accounting. As you gain more experience and knowledge you can begin to specialized in an area that really interests you. If you are searching for your first job opportunity become familiar with the various fields in accounting so you are able to demonstrate some knowledge of them during the interviewing process.

Thank you for answering me! really am glad to see your productive answer! Mr Rod's Cargill is there any not interested field which is not good for professional Accountant. I have 13 years of experience of an Accounting firm but sometimes I felt I need to get more knowledge to infect learn who knows about each and everything thing, in this field. Waqas A.