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Career Questions tagged Georgia

Hunter J.’s Avatar
Hunter J. Aug 16, 2018 249 views

What is one of the best schools in Georgia for HVAC?

Degrees such as HVAC technicians and serving for residential / commercial? HVAC georgia...


Emmanuel C.’s Avatar
Emmanuel C. Mar 27, 2019 333 views

Should I apply for more than 1 college?

I am applying for SCAD next year and I was wondering if I should Put my heart on this one or see other chances since my chances for getting into this one are very high at the moment. scad animation georgia college transferr...


K B.’s Avatar
K B. Aug 16, 2018 351 views

What are the best steps to take as someone who would like to pursue both social work and animation?

I plan to finish college with at least a bachelor's in animation, but possibly a masters! This would mean I would probably have to double major. I'd like to do this at UGA, UNG, or maybe Breanau here in Georgia. This has been my plan for quite some time, however, if there are better options...

double-major social-work georgia lsw art art-school animation career

Shanice N.’s Avatar
Shanice N. Jan 16, 2018 453 views

What are some tips and steps that I should take in order to start a charity organization?

I want to start a charity organization that aids in funding the less fortunate, homeless, less developed countries etc. what are some steps that I should be taking I order to start one? For example will I need legal work, lawyers, a large social media platform and donations to start the...

organization helping georgia undergrad donate undergradute charity psychology college usa essay clinicalpsychology