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Career Questions tagged Student Engagement

Lauryn’s Avatar
Lauryn Mar 16, 2018 315 views

College Life and Life Balance

For outgoing students who opt to be involved with extracurricular activities, club engagement, social awareness and academic studies, how would the student balance it all? What type of support system or coaching platforms are provided in college settings that help the student adapt to a...

Bianca’s Avatar
Bianca Apr 13, 2017 933 views

Where is the typical workplace for a speech pathologist?

I would like to get my masters degree in speech pathology. To my understanding, speech pathologists work in schools, hospitals and other medical offices. I really hope I get the opportunity to work with children. What are my chances of get my job at a school? #speech-pathology #speech...

Mohammad’s Avatar
Mohammad Mar 06, 2017 775 views

What is the best approach to take towards a poorly taught course?

I am a graduate Electrical Engineering student and throughout my career as a student I found that there were a few classes that provided less than satisfactory learning experience and I've always felt unsure about how to approach such classes. I feel that I tend to be uncertain about who to...

Alexandria’s Avatar
Alexandria Sep 10, 2016 503 views

Why arent 15 year olds allowed to work ?

I'M asking this question because since I was 15 I have always wanted to work and have money in my pocket so i can do whatever I want as a full adult becaus eI hate being bounded to such little things #teaching #student-engagement