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Career Questions tagged Student Affairs

Keerthi’s Avatar
Keerthi May 14, 2021 306 views

What is the procedure for a Indian student to get into a vet school abroad right after 12th?What are the requirements & exams required?

#academic-advising #college-student #extracurriculars #school-counseling #student-affairs #veterinary# abroad studying

Chantay’s Avatar
Chantay Jul 30, 2020 457 views

What are the must do’s as a college student to leverage your tertiary education experience for professional success?

As a first year student, I often find myself overwhelmed by the different opportunities available to me on and off campus just simply by being a student. I get really divided and stuck in between not wanting to miss out and getting involved is absolutely everything and focusing my efforts on a...

Amina’s Avatar
Amina Aug 14, 2018 726 views

What jobs can a graduate astrophysics student have ?

#students #student #student-development #college-student #student-affairs #future #astrophysics

Daniella’s Avatar
Daniella Aug 05, 2018 776 views

What organizational methods, study routines, or lifestyle activities better equip an overwhelmed college student to thrive?

In other words, what are some good tips for proactive studying (i.e. making flash cards, taking notes from the book, making diagrams/analogies), for a healthy lifestyle (i.e. daily exercise or exercise ‘X’ times per week, eating a certain diet), and good organization (i.e. keeping a planner,...

Suzy’s Avatar
Suzy May 22, 2018 706 views

Will I still feel part of my University if I am an international student?

I will be attending Graduate School in either Ireland or the UK this fall, as an international student I am nervous about not feeling part of my University as much as I did when I attended an Undergraduate course in the US. Will my status as an international student make it harder to feel...

Seth’s Avatar
Seth Apr 26, 2018 12164 views

What is the most difficult part about being a full time student in college?

I understand that there are a lot of distractions when you're in an environment as large as the college setting, but I want to be prepared for what obstacles I would face as a college student. #college-advice #college #student #student-life #student-affairs #college-student

Daeja’s Avatar
Daeja Mar 19, 2018 744 views

How do I follow my passions with parents who don't support them?

O.k so I love drawing, the marijuana industry, and farming to my CORE! I wanna learn more about them and make a career around it but my parent won't support me if I do these things. Should I study them in secret or just do it anyway? #drawing #art #marijuana #agriculture #parenting...

Mohammad’s Avatar
Mohammad Mar 06, 2017 829 views

What is the best approach to take towards a poorly taught course?

I am a graduate Electrical Engineering student and throughout my career as a student I found that there were a few classes that provided less than satisfactory learning experience and I've always felt unsure about how to approach such classes. I feel that I tend to be uncertain about who to...

Mounia’s Avatar
Mounia Feb 09, 2017 860 views

How vital is it to participate in student organizations in college?

I am a undergrad and I am interested in joining student clubs and organizations. I am also wondering how joining student clubs and organizations can be beneficial to my career in the long run? #college #career-counseling #career-paths #networking #student-affairs

Ginna’s Avatar
Ginna Jan 20, 2017 801 views

Is it allowed, and is there a benefit to using new studet loans to pay off the oldest ones?

I am in graduate school, and the student loans are piling on. I notices some of the older, unsubsidized loans are starting to accumulate interest. I wonder if it would be wise to use my refunds to pay off these older student loans? #graduate-school #doctorate-degree #student-counseling...

Danish’s Avatar
Danish Oct 27, 2016 923 views

In a College/ University, how do people take notes efficiently

I'm only in high school but i still know a little bit about how to take notes for college. My question was about how professors act about people saying to wait on a slide or to repeat an idea so they can copy it down? Are those two notions even a thing in college? I just want to be an efficient...

Vera’s Avatar
Vera Oct 20, 2016 1334 views

What are some good clubs to join in college? What advice do you have for someone who wants to start a club?

If I have an interest in writing, history, and the humanities, how can I use in that in the college world? What advice do you have for someone who wants to start a club? #college #college-admissions #college-majors #college-jobs #history #humanities #student-affairs #student-clubs

Lucero’s Avatar
Lucero Aug 07, 2016 34478 views

What is the difference between elementary school and middle school?

I personally thought that both schools are the same, just that in middle school the work is a bit tough. Many different students have different answers and would make me happy to hear a few answers. #graduate-school #college-student #student-affairs

raiyan’s Avatar
raiyan Jul 22, 2016 785 views

As my background is science based still is it possible for me to get involved in an online part time businesses and with out any basic experiences?

As i belong to a poor family. So i just eant to help my mom out. #student-development #student-affairs