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i want to teach ASL, but i don't know any sign language, how would i start?

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3 answers

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Melody’s Answer

If you want exposure to ASL, http://www.lifeprint.com/ as well as https://www.handspeak.com/word/. It may be very helpful to contact your local library. They often have materials or will know how to reference these materials. I have check out a few ASL books to teach my class.

thank you so much! Ka'Mari R.

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Kate’s Answer

Hi Ka'Mari, I also suggest signing up for a non-credit course or workshop that can teach you the basics. My local community college offers introductory courses that allow students to learn the alphabet and basic signs from people who use ASL everyday. It's also a great opportunity to work with other people and pick up their tips for learning and retaining the information. They might also be able to give you insight into how they got into teaching ASL and what they did to prepare. Good luck!

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Yasemin’s Answer

Hi Ka'Mari I agree with the previous answer! I believe the instructor for lifeprint.com is Bill Vicar. He has amazing YouTube videos as well! I would definitely recommend checking them out. With these materials just keep practicing; also if you are in college there can be ASL courses as part of your language curriculum requirements. I took a year of ASL and loved it! I hope you get to learn more!

Best of luck!