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Ope May 14 124 views

What does it mean to be a teacher?

Teaching abilities and skills

chris’s Avatar
chris May 10 334 views

what amount do i have to save to go to college?

what steps do i have to take after graduating?

roxy’s Avatar
roxy May 10 312 views

how to become the best teacher

how do i become a teacher. what are the best schools. how long is the process. what kind of teacher is best and much needed rn.

Maria’s Avatar
Maria May 08 295 views

What amount of money do i have to save for private college?

Who am I supposed to contact before going to join college

violet’s Avatar
violet May 08 221 views

what should i do to plan?

what would help me plan and what classes in highschool should i take if i want to go to collage for early childhood education? i would really want to boost myself up as much as i can!

Ariana’s Avatar
Ariana May 03 427 views

Why is this good for me?

I am interested in being a nurse or In cosmetology.I love people and very good with lots of things,I also love to do my own hair and nails and even my makeup but I definitely need more practice with it.I work best in an environment with good vibes and no this a good fit for me ?

kante’s Avatar
kante Apr 20 351 views

how to be hardworking as a student?

who to check on me

Francis’s Avatar
Francis Apr 19 283 views

how do I get better at studying?

I am 16 and I am a junior and I am bad at studying

Esther’s Avatar
Esther Apr 13 171 views

What are the benefits of learning doctored?

Teaching level

bernice’s Avatar
bernice Apr 12 334 views

whaTi is the best architectue ?

art tips in careery

Natasha’s Avatar
Natasha Apr 08 230 views

why people go to school?

maybe to gain skills

Syeda’s Avatar
Syeda Apr 06 288 views

How can I make sure that I can still work in education with a psychology degree?

I'm in college currently taking classes for psychology major. I wanted to do education but in order to do education, I needed to double major. I don't want to double major, but I still wanna work in a school.

Sara’s Avatar
Sara Mar 25 298 views

What do your daily lesson plans include as an elementary teacher?

High school student looking for advice

gomez’s Avatar
gomez Mar 30 373 views

how to learn in school

leaning in school

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Kenneth Mar 27 232 views

How to find major for real estate?

need simple answer