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ramone P. May 19, 2020 169 views

how can i channel dancing into a career that makes alot of money.

I love to dance and sing. Sometimes I have trouble choreographing and I want to go to SCAD. #dance...


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Lexi S. Aug 27, 2020 80 views
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Kamarie C. Sep 04, 2020 159 views
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Kailey T. Nov 03, 2020 100 views

How long does college take for some students.

I'm funny, nice, I think about others and I get a lot of insperations from a lot of things....


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129745170 B. Nov 05, 2020 79 views
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Hafeez L. Feb 24 103 views

how could i know if i was good at anything involving electronics?

I'm never really sure of anything i question even the simplest of things even things i know are right i question i try my best to understand things if i don't i don't feel too good about myself especially if i try super hard i like to know things before i jump into anything #teacher #...


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Daniel C. Feb 24 71 views

If I don't take AICE Test, How would that appear to college?

I am a senior in high school. I have already been accepted to college. I have 1 AICE Cambridge Class. I will not get the Cambridge certificate. I was placed in this class because my high school had no where else to place me. This class is a 6 point class. It is also the only class I have...

#expert #high-school-classes #college