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Dylan yesterday 61 views

How much time do you get to spend at home with your family?

If I want to become a pilot will I still be able to spend a lot of time with my family? How many days do you at home get between flights. Do pilots have breaks like in school for example winter break, summer break. and holidays. Do you have to go to college or is it some type of flight school....

camila’s Avatar
camila Dec 13, 2022 120 views

When did you decide to pick that career and why ?

earlier last year, i really enjoyed baking and it is a way to get my creativity !

Alexander’s Avatar
Alexander Nov 17, 2022 202 views

What would anyone say is the the best way to manage high school time?

I want to have anyone's advice on how would you guys say is the best way for me to manage my high school time. I will take any advice any of you have.

Briannah’s Avatar
Briannah Nov 17, 2022 339 views

What is the best way to manage my time in high school??

Any advice or tips?

Caitlin’s Avatar
Caitlin Oct 31, 2022 127 views

What type of preparation would be good for a high school English teacher?

What type of classes would be useful to be prepared to teach?

Teddy’s Avatar
Teddy Sep 27, 2022 199 views

Where and how can I find mentors for all kinds of niches?

I am interested in life advice, college advice, business, and finance.

Jim’s Avatar
Jim Sep 28, 2022 166 views

How was your day today?

My day today was good and I can improve it by meditating and learn new things and also get out of my comfort zone and that is what really can improve a persons mindset physically and mentally.

Ashley’s Avatar
Ashley Sep 26, 2022 173 views

?How long till i become rich.

How Many years till i become rich off of being a welder?

CHITA’s Avatar
CHITA Jun 29, 2022 286 views

how much can it cost me to start teaching

how much can it cost me to start doing teaching practical

Natalie’s Avatar
Natalie May 05, 2022 272 views

Where is a good place to start when it comes to looking for things that interest me?

I am a sophomore in high school, and I really have no idea what I want to do career-wise.

thomas’s Avatar
thomas Apr 28, 2022 209 views


How will I be able to keep a level head with all my assignments

laura’s Avatar
laura Apr 08, 2022 282 views

is it ever hard to manage your personal life

like does being a teacher ever affect you personal life like the teachers I know don't really have a life outside of school

Hannah’s Avatar
Hannah Feb 07, 2022 178 views

How long do I have to go to college in order to be a interior designer?

I would be willing to go tocollege for a solid 2-3 years but I dont want to go there for a long time. #college

Klarysa’s Avatar
Klarysa Nov 16, 2021 333 views

What are the rewards of becoming an elementary school teacher?

I am 16 and want to go into elementary school teaching. #elementary-teaching #elementary #teacher

Noah’s Avatar
Noah Oct 19, 2021 222 views

what are some advantages and opportunity for advancements in teaching and coaching

I like being around younger kids like k-4 and i don't mind talking to young kids.
#teaching #coaching