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MS-2, Biochemistry BS
Computer and Mathematical Occupations - Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations
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Mutahajed’s Avatar
Mutahajed Nov 29, 2023 2316 views

Is Physics really needed for medical school or depends on what school I'm gonna choose?

I'm gonna choose my subjects soon this academic year and I searched about the topic but there wasn't a solid answer.

Umar-Faruk’s Avatar
Umar-Faruk Nov 28, 2023 538 views

Is it possible to study neurosurgery with a degree in physiology ?

I am a college student currently studying physiology and aspiring to become a neurosurgeon and a cardiologist but I'm not sure if my current course will be of any use to what I am aspiring to be

Angelina’s Avatar
Angelina Oct 19, 2023 596 views

How do you balance your work and home life, since school and residency takes up so much time Also, as a doctor, have you experienced burn out either in your work or in the school leading up to your career? If so, how do you cope with it??

I am in 12th grade, planning to attend Texas A&M and major in Biomedical Sciences and hope to continue to Medical School. I would really like to study emergency medicine

Hailey’s Avatar
Hailey Oct 02, 2023 2730 views

Is it better to be a nurse or a doctor ?

I am senior in high school already trying to apply for college but I'm still deciding to be a nurse or doctor. From what I heard from experience volunteering at a hospital right now, one of the nurses told me that being a doctor is better because they get paid more and get treated better while...

Abbie’s Avatar
Abbie Sep 08, 2023 518 views

How many years do doctors have to go to college for?

I am going to school to become a radiology technician. How many years does it take for me to become a radiology technician in college? What is the best way to go about it?

ilysa’s Avatar
ilysa Aug 23, 2023 394 views

What is the general overview of medical school?

I've heard a lot about medical school but I don't really know what it is. All I know is that it' a really long process LOL

Liv’s Avatar
Liv Aug 17, 2023 262 views

What do doctors do?

Hello I would really like to become a doctor when I grow up and I really want to know how they do things and what makes them so special and intelligent and interesting. Pls let me now

b’s Avatar
b Aug 08, 2023 308 views

What is a good idea for a first summer job?

I am about to turn 15 and next summer I want a job to keep busy and save some money, but I am not interested in working at a fast food restaurant. What are some ways to find places and tips for applying.

n’s Avatar
n Aug 06, 2023 311 views

What are some MDs in the field that don't require being on call?

What are some MDs in the field that don't require being on call? I want to become a doctor, but don't want to be one that's on call because I know I would not have a steady life.

maci’s Avatar
maci Aug 08, 2023 330 views

how do you pick the best medical field ?

I have always wanted to be in the medical field, but do not know which one to pick. How do you pick the best medical field and what are your tips on picking the best

Anna’s Avatar
Anna Jul 23, 2023 285 views

What happened that made you want to become a doctor?

What happened that made you want to become a doctor?

Rachel’s Avatar
Rachel Jul 24, 2023 378 views

What are some good major options for me (context below)?

I’m going into running start and I want to become a surgeon of some sort (I’m not exactly sure what kind yet) and I don’t want to isolate myself into one career path just in case I change career paths at some point.

kristen’s Avatar
kristen Jul 23, 2023 409 views

is it worth it to become a obgyn ?

whats the diffence between a obgyn, midwife and a labor and deliver nurse

do they all pay the same

Ka'Mari’s Avatar
Ka'Mari Sep 04, 2020 611 views

i want to teach ASL, but i don't know any sign language, how would i start?

#ASL #teaching #signlanguage

Pragnya’s Avatar
Pragnya Jul 19, 2023 431 views

I would like to go into the medical field, as a high schooler what are some certifications I can do?

I am an upcoming high school senior, so I have not had the opportunity to shadow or volunteer at hospitals. I am looking to do some medical/health-related courses to put me in a higher spot. I already did CPR/AED and first aid.