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Catherine T. Jan 14, 2019 495 views

What would you do if you loved your job but hated your work environment? Would you leave? How would you cope?

For example, I've worked as a copy editor and/or copywriter for both my high school yearbook and college newspaper, and while I wouldn't say that I've LOVED journalism, I do find it enjoyable at times. I would prefer to be doing creative writing, but I genuinely enjoy all types of writing, and...

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Alex D. Jul 07, 2018 257 views

How do you avoid burnout (even if the work/studying you're doing is something you love)?

Specific info pertaining to a career in music education would help, but all answers from different areas of expertise are welcome #musiced #burnout #college...


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Khoa N. May 31, 2018 408 views

How to heal from or avoid burnout?

Oftentimes near the end of a school semester, I get tired and unmotivated. It's sometimes hard to see what I want to do next. Sometimes it's hard to see why I'm doing anything in the first place. How do I avoid this feeling or at least cope with it? #education...


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Megan C. Jan 24, 2018 1039 views

As a criminal profiler, do you get fulfillment and joy from your job?

I am interested in pursuing a career in criminal profiling, however I know the burnout rates in a job such as this could be high. I have spent a lot of time researching this profession, but I wasn't able to find many answers about the emotional aspect of it. And the little exposure I have had...

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Barret B. Jan 23, 2018 333 views

Working a job can be stressful, what do you think are important aspects of self-care.

I believe I can speak for a lot of people in that people my age believe that there will be no jobs in the market by the time we graduate. It's probable that recent graduates may have to work in a job outside of the field they studied in while they look for a job in the field they want. What do...

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