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How do you avoid burnout (even if the work/studying you're doing is something you love)?

Specific info pertaining to a career in music education would help, but all answers from different areas of expertise are welcome #musiced #burnout #college #career

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3 answers

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Lashay’s Answer

Burnout is tricky at times. It tends to appear unexpectedly and can last indefinitely if unrecognized. So, good job for recognizing and addressing it. To treat burnout, first, try to identify the source. For instance,do you feel like you're in a never ending cycle? If so, Do things differently. Go a different route to class/work. Listen to different music. Try new food. Watch new movies. Take a short road trip solo to clear your mind. Are you constantly tired? Depend on a calendar a bit more to schedule work and rest. Trouble sleeping? Exercise and cut out most sugary sweets and caffeine for a few days for deeper sleep. Practice saying "no" to family and friends especially if it's difficult so that it gets easier and you can regain your time. Finally, if none of the previous suggestions seem practical, take a break from school/work. You determine how much time is realistic and would be helpful to reenergize your mind and body. If available, speak to a school counselor. I hope this helps and take good care.

Lashay recommends the following next steps:

Consider the source of burnout. Try to remove self from the source to take an outside view and to develop a plan to return including relying heavier on a calendar.
Road trip. One day or weekend or even longer if possible.
Also build in rewards for each accomplishment. Passed a test, get an ice cream. Finished reading g a chapter, download a new song. Finished a project, get a new shirt. Get it?

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Simi’s Answer

always have two to three things you love doing...say studying music and yoga for example. Juggle between them..don't overdo any. just let them compliment each other. have a vision...healthy body healthy mind. The minute you feel you are getting into the excess of anything switch to the next..you will enjoy your little breaks and will be able to contribute more to everything...you mind and body needs healthy breaks...don't be too harsh on them.

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Kaman’s Answer

In my opinions, burnout can not avoid.Because you often do the same thing again and again so as to achieve your target, but in this process, you may consistantly try and fail,try and fail.So you may feel burnout.Therefore,when you feel burnout, you can think back the original intention.Why you do this now, you love it, or what you want to get so you can have the energy to do this again.

Meanwhile,when you feel burnout in your study,work or life, you can slow down and claim down, relax yourself,
eg:Listen to music,travel to somewhere you look forward to, Have your favourite food...

Find the useful way to relax yourself and then go forward again!