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Katelyn M. Apr 09, 2018 183 views

Would it be better to go after a high paying career that is difficult to be accepted in to, or go after a career that is easy to be accepted in to, but with bad pay

I am stuck between majors. I want to major in the psychology field and them go into criminal profiling, but I also want to major in art education in secondary schools. The criminal profiling field pays extremely well in most states, but selection for the training and actual job is difficult to...

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Megan C. Jan 24, 2018 724 views

As a criminal profiler, do you get fulfillment and joy from your job?

I am interested in pursuing a career in criminal profiling, however I know the burnout rates in a job such as this could be high. I have spent a lot of time researching this profession, but I wasn't able to find many answers about the emotional aspect of it. And the little exposure I have had...

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