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What characteristics did you or your co-workers notice that portrayed a “jaded” or “burned out” nurse and what can be done to re-kindle the passion for the profession that was experienced in nursing school?

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2 answers

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Somnath’s Answer

I have seen few hospitals in India where in the Nurses are being over-worked. Too many patients per nurse ratio in Major hospitals. As expected, quality of care has been diminishing not because they dont want to serve, but there is a lot on their plate. For a quality interaction, quality time needs to be spent!

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Carla’s Answer

Hi Anthony!

I agree with Somnath is that being understaffed consistently will definitely lead to burnout. I have worked as a CNA in a hospital setting for about 4 years and I have myself become burned out. It’s sad because you are mentally and physically so worn out that you stop caring, you dread coming to work, and you just began to further foster a negative work environment. But the saddest part is you can’t help but to do it because of course a lot of your coworkers will be feeling the same way. If things have gotten to this point for your unit or the whole hospital, it probably also means that management has not been supportive and has not made any changes as the moral and work environment of the unit has declined over time. The best thing you can do to save your sanity and your license is to find a new job.