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How would you explain you're experience as a nurse? Can you describe a typical day at work?

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3 answers

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Kellie’s Answer

Nursing is a he’s but very rewarding life. Through the day there are ups and downs. Many days you eat in the run and skip breaks but the live for the job is worth it. However I would stress self care!

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Richard’s Answer

“Floor” nurses often work 12 hour shifts. At the beginning of the shift, they receive report to find out how their patients did during the previous shift. During the shift, they carry out treatment plans by dispensing medicines, monitoring patients including vital signs, preparing the patients for tests and other diagnostic procedures.

There is a wide variety of “typical” days. I am a radiologist. The nurses that work in my department spend their day with patients getting diagnostic procedures. They receive the patient from either the day surgery unit or inpatient nursing unit, evaluate the patient and prepare the patient for the procedure. They administer sedation medications and monitor the patient for complications during the procedure. Finally they monitor the patient during the immediate recovery period and prepare the patient for the return to the day surgery unit or inpatient nursing unit.

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Regem’s Answer

I am a dayshift nurse.

I wake up early, and make sure I participate in some sort of self-care activity so I feel ready for the day.

When I go to work I recieve report, and make sure to look up and validate orders and patient information.

I assess and chart a lot.

I do discharges and admissions.

I eat lunch.

Then I give report on night shift and say good bye to my patients.

Shower, go to sleep, then wake up and REPEAT!