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Francisco Feb 27, 2019 535 views

How do I know if my choices are the right ones.

#choices #life

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Yagna Jun 24, 2016 655 views

where can I get the best training for martial arts.

I want to pursue a career in physical fitness. #athletic-training #physical #fitness #fitness-training #martial-arts

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Kiana Jul 05, 2022 213 views

I'm an editor and I want to share my edits online but sometimes I don't have the motivation or time to do so. What should I do?

How to keep myself motivated?

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Soren Mar 02, 2022 208 views

What kind of products are typically researched?

I want to develop new shoe and running apparel to innovate the sport of long-distance professional runners. #running #sports #apparel #research

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Kahleah Jun 24, 2021 247 views

What are used to people finally pick their career?

I know picking a career is hard but what age do people finally pick their final career that they want to do #career-choice

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Dashawn Jun 24, 2021 265 views

What do I do if i want to do sports in the future

I really like to play football, I can be a leader and I am good at math #football #athlete #math

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Carmen May 15, 2016 692 views

If I choose to take ROTC in college does that shut me out of being able to play sports?

I am trying to decide whether I should play sports or join ROTC, but I feel like if I choose one I will be shut out of the other. #recruiting #sports-coaching #college #military #career #career-counseling #athletics

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Anthony May 29, 2018 481 views

What characteristics did you or your co-workers notice that portrayed a “jaded” or “burned out” nurse and what can be done to re-kindle the passion for the profession that was experienced in nursing school?


Jonathan’s Avatar
Jonathan Jun 22, 2021 637 views

What can I do to motivate myself more?

Well I do stuff just not what I want or even if I want to I just don't feel happy about. #motivation

Lauralea’s Avatar
Lauralea Jan 17, 2018 500 views

What is the best way to maintain my career vision in college when I become overloaded by the workload?

I know many individuals who started strong in college but once the reality of the work to achieve their goals became known to them, they gave up on their dreams. I know that my desire to dual major in general surgery and as a general practitioner will require extensive discipline to maintain my...

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becxy Apr 13, 2016 825 views

What are some things that are related to agencies or in a career that relates to video production help out with company bigness?

I haven't decided in a specific career but I want to know things that can be involved in video production but I also want to work in a agency . I want to help out with new talent and make their videos because I have always thinned that it was always fun on making something beautiful. So I...

Jessica Joy’s Avatar
Jessica Joy Jan 16, 2018 596 views

What are people willing to go through and sacrifice in order to achieve their future goals?

People usually only think of the end point of whatever goal they make. For example: Let's say Lisa wants to lose weight but all she is thinking about is what she'll look like after the weight loss, she isn't actually thinking about all the dieting and exercises she will need to do in order to...

Sujeong’s Avatar
Sujeong Aug 30, 2018 542 views

How do you balance school, work, friends, and family?

I started working a couple months ago and I'm having a hard time doing everything. I feel like days need to have more hours and months to have more days. #school #motivation

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Kenyatta May 23, 2018 528 views

Technology teacher??

I’m currently enrolled in a technical college. Before I transfer to my other university, I want to know is there a teaching job that includes technology/computers in the elementary or middle school level? I have a passion for computers/technology and teaching others how to use it. But I also...

Nivea’s Avatar
Nivea Apr 30, 2021 1249 views

How to choose a career after 12th when you have multiple interests?

I have interest in a lot of things like fashion, art, business, literature. Therefore, its been getting difficult to pick a course after 12th. #careers #career-counseling