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Career Questions tagged Goals

Caitlin’s Avatar
Caitlin Jan 23 114 views

What is my passion and daily goals?

I really try everyday to wake-up being positive and giving myself words of encouragement for the day. A good breakfast helps as well to give myself a semi-full stomach to feel better through-out the day.

Monique’s Avatar
Monique Dec 12, 2022 259 views

how long did it take to achieve your goal of being a veterinarian ?

how long???

Ryan’s Avatar
Ryan Nov 10, 2022 278 views

Types of Goals?

How can you find your goals in life if you're struggling with what career path you wanna go down?

Reagan’s Avatar
Reagan Sep 22, 2022 127 views

What are the chances my career goals come true?

I’m very dedicated and hard working but I’m scared once i get into the real world the goals will become impossible to accomplish.

Dejanae’s Avatar
Dejanae Jul 30, 2021 612 views

would being an architect actually make a good career?

i’ve stuck to the thought of my career job being an architect, but i can’t seem to find much about the job. i’ve watched maybe two videos on youtube about finding offers, and how it’s kind of difficult to get customers sometimes, so mostly you’re just waiting for a call. also, i’ve found that...

Clementine’s Avatar
Clementine Apr 17, 2021 926 views

What is the biggest mistake you've made that could highly impact you now?

I'm in high school and I am working really hard right now so I can have my dream career as a realtor in the future. I don't want to make any mistakes or say no to any opportunities that are handed to me because I can probably use the skills I've learned and apply that to my future job. I want...

Trinity’s Avatar
Trinity Nov 24, 2020 377 views

In order to make society and the economy become beneficial for all of the human race, what is one major ethical step we have to accomplish together to reach this goal?

I am 18 years old and I live in Riverview, Florida with my family. I love to play softball, volunteer at little league softball and baseball complexes, and hang with friends. My end goal in life is to make the world a safer and better place to live in for everyone. I want to spread love,...

Heaven’s Avatar
Heaven Nov 05, 2020 337 views

How did you reach your goals And become a Nurse

I'm a 9th grader but I can't seem to reach my goals yet. And I want to be a nurse. I always wanted to be one. Why I like that job because it just for some reason I would like to be a nurse. I don't know why yet. But right now I would love to ask for your advice. About goals and nurse and all...

Shantrell’s Avatar
Shantrell Oct 02, 2020 413 views

What is my goal when i grow up?

My goal is that I want to be successful at life, at my achievement, and goals because that what it take to be successful. #artist #goals #achievements

Shantrell’s Avatar
Shantrell Sep 18, 2020 296 views

What challenges did you have to face to achieve your goal to become what you are today?

My name Shantrell and I want to know what are the challenge and goals you had to face. #goals #achievement

Kilulay’s Avatar
Kilulay Nov 07, 2019 419 views

What difficulties do you think you will face in trying to achieve in your certain goal?

I'm will to go do anything it takes to reach the certain goal in life.

Austin’s Avatar
Austin Apr 16, 2019 328 views

What GPA do I need to have to get into most Ivy League Schools?

I want to goto a good school and I love FSU.

#college #goals #letsGetThisBread

Galyne’s Avatar
Galyne Aug 30, 2018 387 views

Is the Journalism field hard?

I would love to have a career in this field and willing to do everything it takes. #goals

Leyton’s Avatar
Leyton Apr 11, 2018 477 views

Would it be a good idea to pursue my passion of being a custom home builder considering the market can change at any time?

I have always dreamed of becoming a home builder back in Texas, but I worry because of the economy can change and knowing real estate can be a gamble is definitely risky. It is a goal of mine and I will strive to achieve it even though the market can crash at any time. #homes...

Christina’s Avatar
Christina Mar 19, 2018 763 views

Should I go into the business career or should I follow my dreams.

My parents always pressure me to aim high and get a good job that pays me well. My dreams are to become an idol, singer, dancer, actress, model (mainly more into the entertainment industry which is really hard to get into). My parents do not agree with my dreams and rather have to go into...

Jessica Joy’s Avatar
Jessica Joy Jan 16, 2018 596 views

What are people willing to go through and sacrifice in order to achieve their future goals?

People usually only think of the end point of whatever goal they make. For example: Let's say Lisa wants to lose weight but all she is thinking about is what she'll look like after the weight loss, she isn't actually thinking about all the dieting and exercises she will need to do in order to...

Shanice’s Avatar
Shanice Jan 16, 2018 665 views

What are your future goals in life?

My future goals in life are to complete my college egducation and get my Bachelors degree, get into graduate school and work my way to become a Clinical Psychologist. These are the biggest life long goals that I have set up to complete, and I am working immensely on trying to achieve them all....

Joshua’s Avatar
Joshua Jan 16, 2018 940 views

How to plan for retirement?

Seeing as how my income will be very minimal while in college (around 200$ a month) how can I begin saving for my retirement? -- Also interested in investing
#plans #goals #retirement #investing #financial-planning #finance

Tierra’s Avatar
Tierra Jan 16, 2018 566 views

What qualifications are needed to work for the FBI?

I want to be a forensic accountant for the FBI
#future #goals #accountant #forensic #forensic-accounting #fbi #law-enforcement

Heidi’s Avatar
Heidi Jan 15, 2018 455 views

Is CalTech a reasonable goal for me?

I have a 4.0 GPA and got a 1220 on the PSAT. I’m working on my score to improve the result on my SAT, but I believe mostly it’s because I haven’t taken Algebra II yet. I am taking extra classes during the summer. Am I aiming too high? #california #goals #self-improvement