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What is my goal when i grow up?

My goal is that I want to be successful at life, at my achievement, and goals because that what it take to be successful. #artist #goals #achievements

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5 answers

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Victor’s Answer

It's a great question that can have a big impact on your life. Definition of success in life is so personal. It's not only professional career that is so important for many people. Once you establish what's important it would be so much easier to develop personal path for success short and long term.

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Trent’s Answer

Successful at life.
First you will need to talk to yourself and decide success means to you. Different people define success differently. Some people will define success as simple as doing the right thing, being a good person, helping others, for some people that is what it takes to be happy(Successful).

Others might define success as having an established career, being the best there is at the company they work for in whatever position you seek out. Some might find success in creating their own business, they might define their success by the number of jobs they can provide to others. Yet others success might just be a spouse to somebody, raising a family in a loving home.

But you will need to define what is considered success for you. Once you have done that, which is no easy task, you should look to set goals for your success as stepping stones in the right direction. Start with small obtainable goals. Nothing feels better than putting a checkmark next to a completed task. After that you will then set bigger goals and tasks to reach them.
But it is important to remember what is important to you might not be important to others. Always do you.

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Rebecca’s Answer

It is great to start at the beginning: what are my goals? I noticed "artist" in your hashtag. As a poet and jewelry maker, I've forged a career in student advising and mentoring (believe it or not) and it leaves me time to do my art work. (Well, sometimes). But the truth is, we have to start somewhere. Dive deep into yourself. What do I love to do? What makes me curious? What do I gravitate toward in school? You can cross everything you DON'T like off the list and see what you're left with. Ask yourself, if I could learn anything, and time and money were not a consideration, what would it be?

Then find a way to take some classes, whether you're in college or whether you're looking at sites like udemy.com, which offers some relatively inexpensive courses in graphic arts, if that is something that interests you and explore the course offerings at your school and see if you can concentrate in graphic art or visual arts. There are also ways to sell your work online--see https://www.godaddy.com/garage/best-websites-sell-art-create/ ,

Either way, you need to keep a journal for a while, write about your interests, and observe what people do for a living, talk to them about it, and find some artists or people who sell art online to find out what their experience is. In your journal, make lists of the things you enjoy (even going to the movies could point to a degree in film studies or film-making or even American Studies) -- but really pay attention to the things you tend to think about. If you are an observer of the world around you, you probably are an artist or artistic soul, and need an outlet in art-making. Talk to as many people as you can and just ask them questions. Beware, because many people will try to steer you away from art, thinking there is no money in it. But again, if you pursue graphic art or design, you will make a good living, and you can work for a company or do it freelance. At the same time, learn to sell some of your work online. You won't make a lot of money this way, but it is a satisfying way to get your work out there where people can see it. Always invite friends and acquaintances to view your sites! This just might buy something.

Rebecca recommends the following next steps:

Keep a journal and write about what you enjoy
Decide what you want to study
Figure out if art is a good path for you (if you love it, go that way)
Try some online courses before you commit to a college major
Visit your local career services office if you are in college already and talk to them about your interests.

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Kiirsten’s Answer

Good Evening Shantrell!

Great question you have asked here. I noticed one of the hashtags that you've used is "artist"-- are you looking to become an artist? I am not in that profession but I know some people who are. They are sculptors, musicians, etc... one thing I recommend no matter which profession you choose, is to be passionate! Make sure you're doing something that you love and you believe in. Another recommendation for you is to not give up, there will most likely be many instances where you try to reach certain goals, but some goals may take longer to achieve than others-- keep pushing! Finally, I have found that reaching goals and achievements is a bit easier to do if you have a personal drive to reach them-- looks like you do and you're ready to succeed, awesome!

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Sofia’s Answer

Hi Kiirsten,

First of all,

What being sucessuflull looks like for you?
Who do you want do become?
After you know that, try to connect with people that are sucessufull for you. It can help you visualize/build your path and the steps you need in order to get where you want.
Be awere we can´t be 100% in everything. That means we will have to make choises.
Every choise has an opportunity cost (because we choose how we use our time).
So what are you going to do today, to make you one step further on your goal? And what will you not do in order to get one step closer?
Have fun during the process :)