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Kiirsten Suomu

Sales Representative at Universal Orlando Resort
Sales and Related Occupations - Farming, Fishing, and Forestry Occupations
Orlando, Florida
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Kristina’s Avatar
Kristina Feb 25, 2021 727 views

What is it like to double major?

Hi, i'm thinking about double majoring in college because i'm not sure what career I want to go into. What is it like to double major? Is it a good idea? #career #car #career-options #career-choice #double-major

Azaria’s Avatar
Azaria Feb 25, 2021 690 views

What are some essential steps to starting a business?

#mba #business-management #entrepreneurship #startups #international-business

Katherine’s Avatar
Katherine Feb 25, 2021 534 views

Is it better to stay home for college or move in?

I am a Junior in high school and just curious on if moving into college is worth it. #college #moving

Marissa’s Avatar
Marissa Jan 26, 2021 1064 views

How many students are in a college dorm during the first year?


hannah’s Avatar
hannah Jan 22, 2021 431 views

How do you get in your dream college

I want to get into my dream school but how do I keep my grades up #professional

Austin’s Avatar
Austin Jan 22, 2021 580 views

when do i need to have a job

I am in the 10th grade and I don't know what I want to do when I get older #help

Elyse’s Avatar
Elyse Jan 22, 2021 852 views

What is a good personality to be a Zookeeper? What attributes?

I love animals and I'm a relatively quick learner. I work well in groups and by myself. I have a fun, happy personality.

Thank you for your time!
#caring #personality #attributes #zookeeper

amber’s Avatar
amber Jan 22, 2021 526 views

what is a good way of saving up as much money you can?

i have tried ways but somehow i just be eager to spend my money on things i dont need. #money-management

Tyler’s Avatar
Tyler Jan 22, 2021 1006 views

What age should I know my career path?

Very organized and quick thinker, goal oriented just haven't found the 10+ year goal. #age #career

Moon’s Avatar
Moon Jan 21, 2021 521 views

What are some tips for an author?

What are some tips you recommend for me that I should know as an author? #writing

Ava’s Avatar
Ava Jan 18, 2021 515 views

How do I go about making connections with industry professionals?

I am a high school senior and I'm interested in pursuing a career in the music industry. Thanks! #music #music-industry #musiccareers #music-business

Dakota’s Avatar
Dakota Jan 15, 2021 1539 views

What does it mean to have a career in entertainment and tourism?

I am needing an answer ASAP. #careers

An Awesome Student’s Avatar
An Awesome Student Jan 18, 2021 796 views

How do you learn to juggle a soccer ball?

I'm Ms. Hill at the International Community School. My 4th graders have a few questions and I'd like to share your advice with them. Thanks in advance!


Ethan’s Avatar
Ethan Jan 15, 2021 517 views

How do you transfer from an athletic career to a different career path?

My dream career path is becoming a professional bowler. I have some backup plans incase that path doesn't work out. I want to know what mindset I need to have incase in doesn't go through. #Sports #Bowling

Hope’s Avatar
Hope Dec 25, 2020 20079 views

What careers to choose with history, geography ,tourism and maths lit

#history#geography #tourism