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Orlando, Florida

Within 40 mile radius
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Karen Feb 28 58 views

Help with Jobs?

Do you find jobs in your area after you graduate or before you do and how do you find jobs in your area that need help.

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Sadie Jan 08 151 views

What nursing internships or jobs can I get after my first semester in nursing?

What internships or jobs can I apply for after my first semester in nursing school to give me more experience? I was told by a friend I could become a patient care tech/intern for the summer but I wanted to explore all possibilities.

Warren’s Avatar
Warren Dec 09, 2022 182 views

These questions are for anyone working in the computer science field

What do you do? What are the duties/functions/responsibilities of your job? What kinds of problems do you deal with? What kinds of decisions do you make? If you had to break it up into percentages, how do you spend your day? How does time use vary? Are there busy and slow times or is the...

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Patricia Nov 07, 2022 204 views

Diagnostic Sonography?

I am wanting to become a pediatric cardio sonographer but am unaware what path I need to take to get there. What AA to BS or if i need to get into a specific program. Will be depressing from the military in about a year. What locations have the best programs in Orlando/Tampa florida?

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Darriyus Nov 06, 2022 108 views

How do I begin applying?

How do I begin applying for a college? How should I know which one is best for me? What if you don’t know what to major in?

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Brooke Jun 03, 2022 241 views

What kind of jobs can I get with a degree in health science pre-clinical track?

Majoring in health science pre-clinical track. Wondering what jobs are available with this degree. Thank you

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Brooke Jun 03, 2022 267 views

What are some high paying professions in the medical field that are low stress?

My goal is to become a physician assistant, but to think about the road getting there is very stressful for me. I am interested in dermatology and other medical technician jobs. I am currently majoring in health science. I want to get a bachelor degree no matter what. But I am wondering if...

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Brooke Jun 03, 2022 214 views

How does PA school work?

Is it like college where you have a course catalog of requirements to meet? And then you enroll based on your schedule? Or is it all planned out for you?

Is it better to take a gap year before applying to PA school to gather more experience to be more competitive for acceptance?

ruiling’s Avatar
ruiling Nov 23, 2021 380 views

How can I be more efficient in my daily routines? How can I be more focused on school work?

Hi! I am a college student. I used to be living at home before coming to college, I will have breakfast waken up, and now everything is so different. The first thing I did when I wake up is make my bed, and then I have to wait for the laundry room to be ready, and I cleaned my cup, then I...

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Sulah Aug 09, 2021 519 views

Can I apply to Nursing School as a high school student?

Hello, I'm an incoming senior, wondering if I can apply to Nursing School while still in high school. My county has a partnership with a local community college and state universities, allowing qualified students to take college courses. By the time I finish high school, I would have earned my...

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Jav Mar 23, 2021 542 views

Flight Attendants, can you describe a typical workday as an FA?

I am 51 y/o, with a profesional college degree looking for a career change #flightattendant

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Bianca Mar 07, 2021 288 views

How many years of dancing do you have to have to become professional?

I'm a girl and I love #dancing

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Megan Feb 19, 2021 272 views

What kind of work does this company do?

My name is Megan. I’m 28. I’m currently living in Orlando, Florida. I’m a full-time student. But I’m willing to travel if necessary. I love history. History is what I’m majoring in. I also like watching and reading about crimes. I’m a futuristic, responsible, and resourceful. #travel #student

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mariangelie Feb 02, 2021 282 views

im a senior in high school im interested in the medical field? whats the highest paying job in that field? #senior #babies #goodpay

Hello ! im a senior in high school ive always been interested in child delivery since a kid. i want to choose a job ill never get bored with and i feel like thats the perfect field for me. #field #jobs #nurselife #cutebabies #high-school

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Timothy Nov 15, 2020 331 views

Can you graduate college using all pass/fail courses?

I was watching Community and Leonard was leading for valedictorian but it turned out he took 1 class and got an A and since then took all pass/fail courses to keep his 4.0 GPA. Is that even possible? Obviously its just a tv show but I was curious if that actually could happen. 😂 #graduate...

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David Oct 28, 2020 483 views

What is the easiest way to get money?

#Futbol #technology #math #sience #sapce #money #scholarships

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Daniel Oct 22, 2020 486 views

Choosing between Financial Analyst and Accontant

I am currently working towards a business degree in leadership management and development. I'm taking electives now and am interested in exploring a career in Finance or Accounting. I was wondering what is the biggest difference between the two? #business #career

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Jennifer Sep 07, 2020 288 views

How does a pro cope with what they hear?

As a Forensic Psychologist, how do you cope internally with some of the extreme behaviours one would experience working in this profession?


Tamya’s Avatar
Tamya Aug 14, 2020 1149 views

jobs that hire at 16 and easy to get in?

Im 16 in the 11th grade and look for a job. #hiring #job #career #interviews

Brooke’s Avatar
Brooke Aug 10, 2020 338 views

What extra-curricular activities look good on medical school application?

hello! I am currently going into my sophomore year of college and I want to know what are good extracurricular activities to get into that look good on medical school applications..... I know medical school is very competitive so what would help make my application stand out #medschool #pre-med...

luis’s Avatar
luis Aug 07, 2020 542 views

Where can i have my first job?

I have no prior experience with jobs, I am a quick learner, I am responsible and committed, and i'm also very social. #social-work #money #job #first-job

Miftahul’s Avatar
Miftahul Jul 26, 2020 1305 views

Is environmental engineering a good career to go into?

I've always cared about the climate and I've always had an interest in engineering so I want to know if environmental engineering is a good career choice #career

Chichi’s Avatar
Chichi Jun 08, 2020 525 views

Are there any non teaching jobs In Japan

I am a student and I am thinking to get a job in Japan that is non teaching maybe as a photographer #photography #teaching #career

Courtney’s Avatar
Courtney May 13, 2020 684 views

How do you stay focused?

I am struggling with my boring classes. I find myself getting distracted often by information I want to learn versus the information I have to learn. I am studying health sciences and the History of Japan in the 1800s is boring me to tears. #premed

tori’s Avatar
tori May 09, 2020 742 views

How can I have a career with traveling ?

I am a sophomore in high school . As of now , I don't know my purpose in life. I honestly just want to travel the world , make money and be happy. How could I travel as a full time job? #travel #career #money

Brandon’s Avatar
Brandon Apr 23, 2020 925 views

What steps should I take if I want to make a career change?

I graduated back in 2016 with my BSBA in Marketing, but was really enamored with working for a specific company, and keep finding that opportunities are scarce and over-competitive. I don't have much outside experience since I've been here since I graduated with not much to show for it, and now...

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Raneil Apr 09, 2020 500 views

How do become a baker

I am from Jamaican and I love pets. I also love baking. #history

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Gabe Apr 03, 2020 1316 views

Is it smart to get a second bachelor's degree in Information Technology?

Hi. I'm Amy - I go by Gabe. I have a bachelor's degree in political science and a master's degree in public administration . I am in the process of changing career paths into information technology and am particularly interested in moving into a cyber security role, maybe in cloud security. I...

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Bella Feb 17, 2020 392 views

What small business can i do ?


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Melodie Dec 16, 2019 577 views

• What steps would you recommend I take to prepare to enter this field?

#college #psychology #counseling psychologist #clinical-psychology #child-psychology #college-major

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