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What is it like to double major?

Hi, i'm thinking about double majoring in college because i'm not sure what career I want to go into. What is it like to double major? Is it a good idea? career car career-options career-choice double-major

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4 answers

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Michelle’s Answer

Rarely does what you learn in college transfer directly to your career. A potentially more effective way to evaluate careers you'd be interested in is - in the first year or two of college, see if you can find internships (paid or unpaid), shadow those in industries you're interested in, or reach out to people in potential careers that are interesting to you. The career center at your college may be able to help you with this.

Double majoring is a not a bad idea - or potentially getting a major and minor. It could be more work and studying though, so you would need to have strong time management skills. Depending on the fields of study you choose, you may have some overlap in courses that would help lighten the workload. Also, you don't have to commit to a major in the first year or two of college. You can explore what you're good at and interested in by taking a wide range of courses, talking to other students who are near completing that major, talking to those who are now in the workforce after studying the majors you're considering, etc.
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Vince’s Answer

Pursuing a double major in college is a highly preferential decision. I am currently pursuing a double major in Computer Science and Business Management Economics because I discovered that while I enjoy coding and find the many fields in the computer science industry interesting, I am also interested in learning about business topics such as marketing and entrepreneurship.

One of the most important skills for college is time management; and like the previous answerer said, double majoring requires even greater time management and scheduling skills (I was not very good at this but through the process have improved upon it). On the technical side, you might want to consider when you want to graduate and see if the major you want to pursue have overlapping course requirements which will save you time. It is a lot of work, so make sure you also have passion for both fields you want to pursue, or else you may face burnout.

Moreover, if you are a first or second year, feel free to explore your options and take classes that seem interesting to you; don't feel like you're locked down into a major if you don't want to be yet (but having a plan earlier on is very good). Pursue internships, volunteering opportunities, work studies, and extracurriculars to get a sense of what you like!

Best of luck.

Vince recommends the following next steps:

Calendars and planners are your best friends (i.e. Google Calendar)
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Kiirsten’s Answer

Hi Kristina,

Good question-- I personally didn't officially double major but I came close (my scholarships ran out). I ended up majoring in hospitality management and minoring in humanities as I had passions for hospitality and also art/music history. My friends that double majored had fun but it was a bit more work especially when they got into their second two years of school. I recommend that you major in something and then minor-- and if you enjoy your minor, add it as a major because the good news is-- the classes you take for the minor apply as credits for the major.

Have fun!
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Douglas’s Answer

I’m a double major within the business department. If you select 2 majors within the same discipline such as business, you will need to take a few more classes. But, you would need to significantly more classes if the two majors are in different areas such as a major in biology and a second major in finance.