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Yazlynn’s Avatar
Yazlynn Feb 24, 2021 319 views

How do I get top schools to really notice me when it comes to sports.

My name is Yazlynn. I am 15 and a sophomore in high school. I love sports/hobbies. I did dance for a few years then last year, I wanted to try something new so I did volleyball and thankfully made the team. Not many big schools come to watch us play here in Boston so it's kind of hard to get...

Kristina’s Avatar
Kristina Feb 25, 2021 466 views

What is it like to double major?

Hi, i'm thinking about double majoring in college because i'm not sure what career I want to go into. What is it like to double major? Is it a good idea? #career #car #career-options #career-choice #double-major

felicia’s Avatar
felicia Feb 25, 2021 279 views

when getting into a career of business how do you know if your investing into a genuinely good product

I am a junior in high school and i wanted to know how to make wise business decisions for products that entrepreneurs would want investors to support. #business career #business ventures #career

Bianca’s Avatar
Bianca Feb 25, 2021 400 views

What is a career that involves business and travel?

#traveling #business #travel #international #jrhighschool #college #profit #income #stocks #companies