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Yazlynn W.

Boston, MA
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I want to be a professional fitness trainer on the east coast so that I am close to home.



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Yazlynn W. Feb 24, 2021 162 views

How do I get top schools to really notice me when it comes to sports.

My name is Yazlynn. I am 15 and a sophomore in high school. I love sports/hobbies. I did dance for a few years then last year, I wanted to try something new so I did volleyball and thankfully made the team. Not many big schools come to watch us play here in Boston so it's kind of hard to get...

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Yazlynn W. Feb 24, 2021 154 views

What specific things do I have to study in order to be a certified fitness trainer?

My name is Yazlynn. I am 15 years old and I love staying active. Since we are in a pandemic, I am focusing on fitness a lot more. I do a lot of lifting and HIIT workouts and continuing to stay on a good diet. Many of my friends have asked for help but sometimes I don't always have the answers...

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Yazlynn W. Feb 24, 2021 200 views

How do you become known to the modeling industry if you don't have that big of a platform, things like Instagram .

My name is Yazlynn. I am a 15 year old school girl that enjoys both sports and modeling. When I was younger, a family friend of mine had her own modeling business I joined. We went to small shows almost every weekend and kept up with a specific diet. I loved it because I see myself as a very...

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