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Career Questions tagged Lesson Planning

Yazlynn’s Avatar
Yazlynn Feb 24, 2021 380 views

How do you become known to the modeling industry if you don't have that big of a platform, things like Instagram .

My name is Yazlynn. I am a 15 year old school girl that enjoys both sports and modeling. When I was younger, a family friend of mine had her own modeling business I joined. We went to small shows almost every weekend and kept up with a specific diet. I loved it because I see myself as a very...

Danika’s Avatar
Danika Feb 01, 2021 417 views

If i want to study psychology and move to out of my country to work do I need to have a pre-med degree.

I am currently in the 10 grade. I have disgraphia, discalcula and dyslexia due to witch i do not study maths and science insted i study arithmatic, home-science and physiology .
#pschology #learning disablity #lesson-planning

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kegan Dec 31, 2020 283 views

what is the worth of a digital diploma certificate?

I have currently completed an online course for a diploma in psychology - revised 2017 and can only afford a digital certificate. #lesson-planning #business

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Magdalena Oct 27, 2020 321 views

How do we know if the colleges have Pre-Veterinary classes?

I love animals, I've rescued some off of the streets and took care of them like they were my own until I found good homes for them. If they had wounds I made sure to clean the wound, keep them nice and clean. I also have different types of animals. I've had reptiles, fish, some mammals, etc....

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Aminatou Sep 18, 2020 330 views

how many years do it takes to be a doctor

#doctor # #business #career #lesson-planning

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oriana Aug 02, 2020 465 views

What's it like working in the New York Times?

I really like investigating- In fact funny story, my obsession with escape rooms and law enforcement started because I watched all the president's men. Even though I watched the 60 minutes first which made me want to learn about watergate, I was so inspired to investigate. Do the New York Time...

Maddison’s Avatar
Maddison Jul 31, 2018 492 views

Sectioning HW for efficient studying?????

Idk how to do a bunch of homework without listing it out first and attacking the priorities?!

kassie’s Avatar
kassie Jul 11, 2018 646 views

what is the most imporant thing to consider when trying to become an educational leader?

I would like to know what things there are that i should consider the most about trying to educationally lead kids or troubled teens in the right direction without giving off the vibe that i don't understand what these kids are going through or have gone through whether it been in school or...

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Takarai Jun 27, 2018 595 views

How many years does a doctor go to school?


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Araba Aug 22, 2016 952 views

I am starting nursing school and I need some advice.

I am a college student. I was in a community college, doing my prerequisites for the nursing degree. I am done with most of them so I transferred to a 4 year college. I have 3 more years and I am done with BSN. I am starting the nursing classes just this fall semester. If you were giving the...