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How do we know if the colleges have Pre-Veterinary classes?

I love animals, I've rescued some off of the streets and took care of them like they were my own until I found good homes for them. If they had wounds I made sure to clean the wound, keep them nice and clean. I also have different types of animals. I've had reptiles, fish, some mammals, etc. #animalhelper #animallife #pre-vet #agriculture #lesson-planning

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2 answers

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Heather’s Answer

Hello Magdalena,

I’m so glad to hear about your love of animals! That’s awesome!

If you want to be a veterinarian, there is a lot of work ahead of you, but if you keep your goal in sight, and you learn to study well, you’ll make it no problem!

Most colleges do not have a pre-veterinary route, which is perfectly fine! You can be any major and get into vet school, as long as you cover all of the prerequisites for getting admission to the program. A lot of people choose pre-vet tracks or biology tracks because the classes are already built into the major. But! Feel free to explore different majors.

To become a vet, you will need a bachelor’s degree, (which typically takes 4 years) and then you will need to get your DVM (which also takes about 4 years). Many veterinarians also go through a residency, similar to doctors.

Visit this website for much more information:


Good luck with your college applications!

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Josie’s Answer

First, there are no undergrad courses for Veterinary Science, you would go to Vet School after you complete your bachelor's degree similar to going to medical school. You can get a general science degree as a bachelor's before applying to a Vet school. There are only 28 universities in the US that have a Veterinary School. It is quite competitive of a program to get into so do really well in your undergrad program. Also, working in a Veterinary hospital can also help your chances to get into a program.

Here is a list of all of the Veterinary programs in the US. https://all-veterinary-schools.com/veterinary-schools/#:~:text=You%20may%20even%20consider%20studying,veterinary%20programs%20and%2018%20international.