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Jacqueline  C.’s Avatar
Jacqueline C. Sep 01, 2017

What are some schools that have a good pre-vet program?

I am interested in becoming a veterinarian and would like to know colleges that have a good pre-vet program in oder to purse my career. #pre-vet #animals...


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Keilah H. Oct 31, 2016

What challenges do you have to go through in Veterinary Medicine?

I want to go into veterinary medicine and want to know some of the challenges I'd be facing. #veterinary #veterinary-medicine #veterinary-technician...


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Karly B. Oct 19, 2016

Veterinarian Undergraduate Majors

Hi! I am very confused on what to major in and I need some help. I want to be a veterinarian and go to vet school. But there is not a pre vet major at my college of choice, so what should I major in? Could someone please help me out and tell me all the options, regarding majors, that I could...

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