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Veterinarian Undergraduate Majors

Hi! I am very confused on what to major in and I need some help. I want to be a veterinarian and go to vet school. But there is not a pre vet major at my college of choice, so what should I major in? Could someone please help me out and tell me all the options, regarding majors, that I could take? Thanks! #college-major #biology #veterinary #pre-vet

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2 answers

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Todd’s Answer

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Get the prerequisite list from the Veterinary College you hope to attend. Compare this to degree plans at your undergraduate institution, and requirements for courses you could use if you DONT get into vet school OR it takes several applications (years) to get in. Then consider courses that may not have anything to do with vet school or science and consider how those might fit into a degree plan or a "life "plan".

Todd recommends the following next steps:

You can major in any discipline as long as you fulfill the prerequisites. Vet schools look for well rounded individuals who excell at a lot of different things. Consider also that manypeople change their majors before they graduate, and many of my classmates did not go into the type of practice they orignally intended to. Be sure to communicate with your undergraduate advisor (keep looking until you find a good one, or ask a favorite professor to advise you), and don't be afraid to call the Vet school to ask for advice. Good luck.
Be sure to volunteer with or work for veterinarians, shelters, and other animal organizations to get experience and to be sure this is what you really want to do for a career.

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Ian’s Answer


If you love biology or chemistry those are always good places to pursue an undergrad degree, but don't feel limited to them. There are a series of pre-requisites that you will have to take to get entrance to a vet program and you could take them while studying Spanish or dance. Pick something that will make you happy and something that you enjoy studying but keep your eye on the ultimate prize of becoming a veterinarian.

Becoming a veterinarian is very ambitious and I applaud your ambition. Best of luck.