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Victoria May 18, 2022 183 views

Vet College

Is it better to go to a college that has a pre-vet/ vet program or go to a regular college for your undergraduate degree?

kaylee’s Avatar
kaylee Feb 25, 2022 194 views

is the university of Kentucky a good school to become a veterinarian?

#veterinary #veterinarian #animal-health

kaylee’s Avatar
kaylee Feb 25, 2022 204 views

what are some specific important high school classes to take in order to become a vet?

#veterinarian #veterinary

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Chloe Feb 25, 2022 237 views

What is it like being an ophthalmology veterinarian?

#veterinary #animal-health #veterinary-medicine #veterinarian

kaylee’s Avatar
kaylee Feb 22, 2022 204 views

what is it like to be a large animal veterinarian?

i am a sophomore in high school, and i want to know more about different careers
#veterinarian #veterinary-medicine #veterinary

Yamileth’s Avatar
Yamileth Oct 29, 2020 621 views

What veterinary and vet tech careers have the best salary (approximately)? Can I be able to travel and still be involved in this career path?

I'm currently a high school (junior) and passionate about pursuing a career in the animal medical field. I enjoy helping others especially animals and still deciding on my future goals. #career-path #career #studyabroad #veterinary #vettech #career-choice #career-paths #animals #travel

Sienna’s Avatar
Sienna Dec 21, 2020 653 views

What are some jobs that work with animals?

I am a sophomore at box elder high school. I am thinking about being a veterinarian but i want to know if there are other option and stuff that would be more intresting.
#veterinarian #animal #jobs #veterinary

jermane’s Avatar
jermane Oct 15, 2020 269 views

do veterinarians have to handle too much stress while working.

#veterinarian #veterinary #veterinary-medicine #career

Samuel’s Avatar
Samuel Apr 24, 2020 526 views

What steps should I take to become a veterinarian? And how has this pandemic effected vet clinics and hospitals.

I'm a sophomore in high school who has a passion for helping animals. I've been deeply passionate about becoming a vet because of an incident that happened with my puppy. When I arrived at the hospital after school I saw the animals and their owners waiting it hurts my heart knowing they need...

Angela’s Avatar
Angela Feb 19, 2019 320 views

Should I do more in order to get into CSU Fort Collins Veterinary program?

#veterinary #veterinary-medicine #animal-health

Juliana’s Avatar
Juliana Oct 14, 2018 413 views

What do I need to do to ensure I can become a veterinarian?

I am particularly interested in Equine Medicine. #veterinary #veterinary-medicine #veterinarian

Aubriee’s Avatar
Aubriee Aug 29, 2018 630 views

What other things can I do to get into college Vet school?

I have good grades and I volunteer at a animal shelter in the clinic. But I am still worried I will not get in to the university I want to go let a lone get in to vet school, Especially since it is really competitive. #veterinarian #school #veterinary

Kaylee’s Avatar
Kaylee Jan 17, 2018 605 views

How easy is it to get a veterinarian job right out of grad. school?

I plan on majoring in animal sciences/pre-veterinary studies in college and I'm curious if it would be easy to get a job right away. Am I going to be able to get a job right away or am I going to have to search for that right employer? Or is it all just simply the luck of the draw? #veterinary...

Allison’s Avatar
Allison Apr 11, 2018 577 views

What is the hardest or most difficult thing to learn while studying for a Veterinarian?

#animal-science #veterinarian #veterinary #animals

Grace’s Avatar
Grace Apr 30, 2018 780 views

What is the best route for me to take to achieve my goals and reach my full potential?

I really want to go into medicine but worry about the cost of school and I do NOT want to graduate with hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loans. I also don't know how to choose my under grad school and worry that if I don't pick the right school it will be harder to get into med or...