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Are any specific types of experience more beneficial than others for getting your application to vet school to be noticeable??

Asked Florida, Florida

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Todd’s Answer


Lots of different types of experience would likely be the best, but most people will have either whatever type of experience they grew up with (ie farm vs city) or the type of experience that they hope to go into in the field of veterinary medicine - aquatic medicine or racehorses for example. Having some experience and being able to explain what you got out of it that made you REALLY want to be a vet (not just " I love animals") is usually enough. Not everyone comes to vet school applications having worked for a Vet.

Todd recommends the following next steps:

  • Here is a link to the University of Florida Vet school admisisions page. You can find a lot of info here. Do not be afraid to call the vet school and ask them any questions you may have. Make a list beforehand and be polite, but they are there for that purpose. You could also look for a job with a local vet or animal organization to get experience. https://education.vetmed.ufl.edu/admissions/

Ken’s Answer

Updated Cleveland, Ohio

Following up on the answers to your other questions, any and all career exposure opportunities, such as full time work, part time work, volunteering, participating in internship and coop programs, participating in or visiting any professional associations related to your career area, shadowing, networking, etc. will all be counted toward your being noticed. It would be beneficial to try to participate in as many of the above as you can, not only to be more successful in the application process, but also to confirm that this is indeed an appropriate career choice for you to make. The efforts that you make to assure that your chosen career area is relevant to you will go a long way in helping you to appear to be a good candidate.