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Kathryn Oct 30, 2018 888 views

Do global internships benefit you when it comes to veterinary school applications??

I'm currently an undergraduate looking to apply to vet school in a few years. I know that having relevant experience is crucial, so I've been applying for lots of internships. I fond some summer opportunities abroad, but there are steep program fees and I'm wondering if entry into these would...

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Kathryn Sep 29, 2018 1662 views

How important are clubs/extracurricular activities in comparison to coursework or internships??

Does joining clubs or extracurricular activities during your years as an undergraduate significantly impact your resume or chances at graduate school or is it better to keep that to a minimum and focus on getting work experience and taking a rigorous course load?? # #college #grad-school...

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Kathryn Sep 29, 2018 896 views

Is it more beneficial to have unpaid internships and more of a variety of experience or paid work with strong connections, but not as much of a variety of experience??

I'm hoping to make my future applications to veterinary school as strong as possible and I'm wondering if paid work is given more consideration even if it isn't necessarily as varied as having multiple unpaid internships in a range of sub-fields. # #internship #volunteer #college #vet-school...

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Kathryn Sep 14, 2018 740 views

Does completing your undergraduate degree in three years as opposed to four negatively affect your prospects of professional school??

I'm hoping to attend graduate school for veterinary medicine, but I'm curious as to whether finishing my undergraduate studies early would hinder me even if I acquired lots of experience beforehand and completed all of the necessary credits. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks. #college...

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Kathryn Jul 23, 2018 1023 views

Is it better to be a biology or zoology major in undergrad or something more specialized before applying to vet school??

#veterinarian #veterinary-medicine #veterinary #animals #animal-health #major #biology #pre-vet #choosing-a-major #college-major

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Kathryn Jul 23, 2018 765 views

Are any specific types of experience more beneficial than others for getting your application to vet school to be noticeable??

#veterinarian #vet #animals #pre-vet #application #college #animal-health #veterinary-medicine #school #veterinary