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What are some schools that have a good pre-vet program?

I am interested in becoming a veterinarian and would like to know colleges that have a good pre-vet program in oder to purse my career. #pre-vet #animals #veterinary

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2 answers

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Simon’s Answer

The schools for pre-veterinary in Tanzania that will be best for you are:-
(1).Visele Live Crop Skills Training Center

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Todd’s Answer

Hi Jaqueline, You should contact the Vet School at UC Davis and find out what schools the vet school with accept pre vet courses from. Then narrow the list from there. I think there is a new vet school in CA, so I would contact them as well. Ask both for information for prospective students, and requirements for admission.

Todd recommends the following next steps:

Contact the academic counseling office in the school you attend now, and find someone you can work with to make a plan for applying to vet school. Good luck.