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If i want to study psychology and move to out of my country to work do I need to have a pre-med degree.

I am currently in the 10 grade. I have disgraphia, discalcula and dyslexia due to witch i do not study maths and science insted i study arithmatic, home-science and physiology .
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2 answers

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Gabby’s Answer

You will not need a pre-medical degree. You will only need a medical degree if you decide to become a psychiatrist. You can just study psychology wherever you reside.

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David’s Answer

No you do not need a pre-med degree in order to study Psychology. You can have a liberal arts degree, but it would be helpful to have some knowledge of research methods and statistics because you would need to study that for a PhD program. PsyD programs are more clinically oriented so would likely have less of a research emphasis. In the United States, some learning issues are classified as disabilities which would mean that the schools may have to make accommodations to help you learn, like allowing more time for tests or other types of assistance. I hope that this information helps you. Good luck!

This information will really helped me . Thank you . Danika B.