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Life, Physical, and Social Science Occupations - Community and Social Service Occupations
Levittown, Pennsylvania
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Chandler Dec 01, 2021 647 views

What are the best places to work for a therapist

#psychology #therapists
I am a 16-year-old Junior in high school and have a serious interest in becoming a child psychologist.

Kristina’s Avatar
Kristina Feb 25, 2021 821 views

What career paths can you take when majoring in psychology?

Hi, i'm a sophomore in high-school and am thinking about majoring in psychology in college! What can I do with a major in psychology? What are the pros and cons to majoring in psychology? #psychology #major #choosing-a-major

Edwin’s Avatar
Edwin Apr 21, 2021 551 views

What are some things I should know/look out for if I decide to become a psychologist?

I am a Junior in high school and am considering becoming a psychologist to help others. Are there any tips or things I need to know before going into this field? #high-school #psychology

Madison’s Avatar
Madison Mar 04, 2021 448 views

how many years of college do you need to be a forensic psychologist?

I would like to go into the forensics, more specifically phycology, and I was curious as to how long I should expect to go to college for. #psychology #forensics

Simone’s Avatar
Simone Jan 26, 2021 904 views

What are philosophers for in today's society?

I was asked this question and I wanted to turn it to know what other people think, even outside my social context. #teaching #filosofia

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Danika Feb 01, 2021 559 views

If i want to study psychology and move to out of my country to work do I need to have a pre-med degree.

I am currently in the 10 grade. I have disgraphia, discalcula and dyslexia due to witch i do not study maths and science insted i study arithmatic, home-science and physiology .
#pschology #learning disablity #lesson-planning

hammad’s Avatar
hammad Feb 03, 2021 555 views

can i study science subjects to get admission into a medical college after i studied arts and did bachelours in psychology

i have recently passed my BA after my 2 years FA. I studied 2 years BA. Becoming a psychiatrist requires studying science subjects and i am a bit confusd because i have remained an #arts student. Will it be possible for me to study science subjects after my BA so i can get admission into a...

Maria’s Avatar
Maria Nov 12, 2020 460 views

Why you decided to be a clinical psychologist?

#psychology #clinical-psychology

Maria’s Avatar
Maria Nov 12, 2020 443 views

How did you get your actual job as a clinical psychologist?

#psychology #clinical-psychology

Maria’s Avatar
Maria Nov 12, 2020 572 views

What is the biggest obstacle you have to live every day at your job as a clinical psychologist?

#psychology #clinical-psychology

Hailey’s Avatar
Hailey Oct 19, 2020 309 views

Say you get a job to be a type of nurse ... and you wanna become like a higher nurse then you already are , do you have to go back to college or can you just move up from there ??

#physical-therapy I wanna go and help people , like try to walk again when there like recovering from being paralyzed.

Britney’s Avatar
Britney Oct 19, 2020 1074 views

Do you have free time as an ophthalmologist?

Free time does not have to be very long, but is there a small window of time to do what you like? #medicine #ophthalmology

Clifford Khent’s Avatar
Clifford Khent Mar 06, 2018 1166 views

If I want to become a Clinical Psychologist, what can I do early on in order to get my foot in the door?

Currently, I work as a Behavioral Therapist. Would this be a good way to get my foot into the clinical aspect of the psychology field? #clinicalpsychology #psychology #mental-health-counseling

Eloy’s Avatar
Eloy Oct 01, 2020 905 views

What is a normal day for a therapist like? explain in detail please

#therapist #physical-therapist #therapy

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Molly Mar 12, 2019 870 views

What are some reasons to be a psychologist?

#psychology #psychologist I am in 11th grade and i am interested in psychology, I want to know some reasons why i should be a psychologist.