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Say you get a job to be a type of nurse ... and you wanna become like a higher nurse then you already are , do you have to go back to college or can you just move up from there ??

#physical-therapy I wanna go and help people , like try to walk again when there like recovering from being paralyzed.

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2 answers

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Raquel’s Answer

To become a “higher” nurse, yes you will have to go back to school to further your degree. You can get your associates degree to become an RN, you can go back to school to get a bachelors degree and still be an RN. From a bachelors you can go to graduate school and get either a masters or doctorate in a variety of things. You can get a masters in leadership or education for example, or you can become a variety of specialized nurse practitioners. Each of these further degrees will make you a “higher” nurse and open up more job opportunities.
But you can also promote within your organization without getting a higher degree. For example, a RN can become a charge nurse or supervisor without getting a masters degree.

Hope this helps, best of luck!

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David’s Answer

You generally have to go back to school in order to change the type of nurse that you are. For example, you may start as an LPN, then get your RN degree, then continue to nurse practitioner or advanced practice nurse. Each level has different responsibilities and pay range. Sometimes you can go to school for a higher level while still working at your previous level. Certain programs, however, such as Nurse Anesthetist, may require that you go to school full time for a while. A nurse practitioner or advanced practice nurse may perform many of the functions that a doctor would perform, such as writing prescriptions. They usually work with oversight from a doctor. Many persons start out as an RN or LPN, then determine what type of nursing they like before going back to school for a more advanced degree. Hope this answer was helpful!