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Career Questions tagged Therapists

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Christian G. Christian G. May 26 53 views

What do therapists do?

I have a family member who introduced #physical-therapist #physical-therapy #therapists me and made me interested in being a therapist but I want to know what exactly do therapists do because he was talking about a very specific kind of therapist and I got...

Christian G.’s Avatar
Christian G. Christian G. May 26 31 views

How do I set up my own therapist business?

#therapists I was wondering how to set up my own therapist business or how to get a job as a therapist what do I have to do in order to get the...

Chastity V.’s Avatar
Chastity V. Chastity V. May 07 85 views

What's involved in being a therapist?

I'm Chastity and I'm thinking about being a therapist. Thank you for taking your time #psychology #physical-therapist #therapists...


Gabe B.’s Avatar
Gabe B. Gabe B. Apr 22 96 views

what is a good thing to do at a young age to become a physical therapist

I'm a 14 year old boy ibn 7th grade, I'm an A and B student and I am interested in Becoming a physical therapist #counselor...


Maria E.’s Avatar
Maria E. Maria E. Dec 03, 2020 178 views

What is a psych NP in charge of?

I really want to be an NP. I want to know more in-depth about what is their daily day like. #psychology #therapist #family #brain...


Maria E.’s Avatar
Maria E. Maria E. Nov 25, 2020 266 views

Physical therapist vs Dermatologist?

I think PT is a great job but the debt after school is BIG! I think Dermatology sounds like fun and like you'll never be bored. What are some of the differences? #fun #schooling #college #school #physical-therapist #therapists...


Morgan E.’s Avatar
Morgan E. Morgan E. Oct 31, 2020 787 views

What does a typical day look like now for a mental health counselor?

I'm interested in becoming a mental health counselor and I want to know more from experienced counselors. #mental-health #counselor #health #therapists...


Hailey D.’s Avatar
Hailey D. Hailey D. Oct 24, 2020 153 views

Is it difficult to help all kinds of people, whether they deserve it or not?

I am a senior in high school and I have been set on studying psychology and becoming a therapist my whole life. One thing I think about a lot as I pursue this career is "am I only going to be able to help the privileged?". I want to help more people than who has a surplus of money for mental...

#help #therapists #mental-health #councelling #health #therapy #children #medicine #therapist #helping-others

Unal D.’s Avatar
Unal D. Unal D. Sep 05, 2020 336 views

How do I become a school counselor in NY ?

I will complete my masters in Trauma counseling this year and I my goal is to become a school counselor in NY. What are the requirements and the certification do I need for this ? #counselor #school-counselor #therapists #guidance-counselor...


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ella B. ella B. Aug 27, 2020 182 views

Physical Therapy Questions 2

What does a physical therapist schooling look like? #physical-therapist #therapists #therapy...


Gountante B.’s Avatar
Gountante B. Gountante B. Apr 17, 2019 369 views

Any tips on job application/résumé?

I'm want to get into Physiotherapy (massage therapy). What should I be putting on my application? Any resources in Minnesota when looking for this work? #physical-therapist #physical-therapy #therapists #physical...


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xitlali P. xitlali P. Apr 17, 2019 214 views
Sheila C.’s Avatar
Sheila C. Sheila C. Jan 10, 2019 261 views

Would a therapist have a therapist to go to if their patients start to affect them?

I know therapists are there to assist people who are depressed, stressed, deal with trauma, etc. but do they get help if they start to feel affected by who they are around. Like I know humans get affected by who they are around, so would a therapist have a therapist, mandatory once a week or...

#therapists #therapy #psychology

Makayla G.’s Avatar
Makayla G. Makayla G. Aug 22, 2018 259 views

Should I look into getting my doctorate degree in order to become an occupational therapist even if I plan on working strictly in hospitals?

Over the past year, I have been hearing numerous opinions about whether to get a doctorate degree in order to become a full time occupational therapist even if I am just planning on working in a hospital. #therapists...