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Sectioning HW for efficient studying?????

Idk how to do a bunch of homework without listing it out first and attacking the priorities?!

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2 answers

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Jimmy’s Answer

Listing out things you need to do and attacking the priorities is a valuable life skill, and I use it nearly every day. For one thing, getting all of your to-do items down onto paper (or a note on your phone, etc.) can help you clear your mind and focus. It can also give your motivation a boost to check things off your list. Finally, if you happen to have subjects that are related to each other, it can be helpful to group those items and study them together.

When I was in school, I would take a couple of hours at the beginning of the semester to put as much as possible on my online calendar. If my professor gave a syllabus with all of the due dates in advance, I would go ahead and put them all on the calendar the first week. That way, I never had to worry about remembering whether I had something due, and I only needed to track if a due date changed.

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Cicely’s Answer

I organize by due date first, then by individual task and then I rank them in priority order before I get cracking at it.