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Hanan M. Apr 11, 2018 461 views

Any tips for studying for the AP Government exam?

There are so many things I'm confused on like which court cases to study for? APGov AP government testing...


Maddison F.’s Avatar
Maddison F. Jul 31, 2018 352 views

Sectioning HW for efficient studying?????

Idk how to do a bunch of homework without listing it out first and attacking the priorities?! lesson-planning studying study-habits senior...


Melissa M.’s Avatar
Melissa M. Aug 02, 2018 348 views

How can high school seniors be encouraged to continue education with the rising cost to attend a university?

College debt is a major concern. Many high school seniors are fearful of racking up college debt. They are choosing to enter straight into the work force or going to trade schools instead of attending college....