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Career Questions tagged Interests

Dania N.’s Avatar
Dania N. Dec 02 61 views

how do i know if biomedical engineering is good for me?

I like biology, technology, learning about the human body, saving lives, and research. I don't like math but I can tolerate it a little bit. hopefully one day i will choose a major that includes all of my interests. biology engineering science biomedicalengineering stem research career...

engineer major interests college

Amanda W.’s Avatar
Amanda W. Jun 15 215 views

How can I find the most suitable career for me?

I have a general grasp of my interests and hobbies, but I'm not sure how to apply that to helping me choose a career. I want a career that matches my interests as well as my values. career-path career-choice undecided career-counseling...


Esmeralda S.’s Avatar
Esmeralda S. Dec 07, 2020 268 views

What are your interest as a nurse and what excites you the most about being a nurse?

I would like to know what your interest as a nurse are and what excites the most about being a nurse. nurse medical medicine...


Jazmin L.’s Avatar
Jazmin L. Apr 08, 2018 449 views

Should I choose a minor that is easily utilized if my major is specific to a certain field?

I would like to major in conservation biology or wildlife biology, but it seems like a very difficult field to become employed in, and I was planning on minoring in psychology because I am interested in behavior and thought it would compliment a biology degree. However, would it be better to...

choosing-major liberal-arts choosing-a-career conservation choosing-a-major interests marketing majors-and-minors psychology business wildlife-biology choosing-a-minor

Marie H.’s Avatar
Marie H. Mar 27, 2018 376 views

How can one find their interests?

Colleges always ask prospects for their top interests and expect them to know which field they would like to study in. Unfortunately, the majority of students have no idea what they are truly interested in or have a passion in. This being said, how can study better prepare themselves for the...

accepted life-prep life college interests

Dayne V.’s Avatar
Dayne V. Feb 06, 2018 570 views

What career would suite my interests?

Hi everyone, I am 24 years old and have completed many courses, traveled and worked a few jobs. I now want to start studying towards a degree but I have no idea what degree field to study. To get a degree in South Africa is expensive so I want to make the right choice. My interests...

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Lisa  M.’s Avatar
Lisa M. Apr 09, 2015 4074 views

How many hours might a homicide detective work up to?

I am interested in studying criminal justice and want to become a homicide detective, and have watched tv shows that have intrigued me by what happens and how hard they work and it looks fun. criminal-justice criminology detective interests...


Teal K.’s Avatar
Teal K. May 12, 2014 2347 views

Should the idea of "do what you love" change in relevance to career searching change depending on your experience?

The notion of "do what you love" is a common idea behind a lot of answers, but I was wondering what should be the extent of this advice as relevant when you are first entering the job market verses when you are more experienced? career-path job-market...


Simran  K.’s Avatar
Simran K. Apr 29, 2014 1797 views

How do you maintain a balance between doing what you love and making sure you are making a good amount of money?

I am a high school senior and even though I do not know what career I wish to pursue, I want to make sure that I am doing something I love, while still being able to comfortably support myself. I guess I would just love to hear different perspectives on your career and how you keep the balance...

passions balance income interests money career

Prithvi A.’s Avatar
Prithvi A. Mar 05, 2014 1621 views

Does taking a minor in college make you look better to future employers?

I am currently a junior in high school and have recently decided to major in Economics in college, I have heard a lot about minors, but I still want to learn more about them. For example, do you get degree for taking a minor? Do you have a lot more classes if you take a minor? But most...

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