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Career Questions tagged Forensic Accounting

Tierra’s Avatar
Tierra Jan 16, 2018 616 views

What qualifications are needed to work for the FBI?

I want to be a forensic accountant for the FBI
#future #goals #accountant #forensic #forensic-accounting #fbi #law-enforcement

Nathan’s Avatar
Nathan Jan 15, 2018 1302 views

Is there someone here who can tell me the path that they took to become a forensic accountant?

I'm interested in law, but I also enjoy accounting. As such, it seemed a natural step to look into forensic accounting. I'm hoping someone on here would know a bit more about how to become one. #forensic-accounting #forensic #accounting #career

jahari’s Avatar
jahari Aug 31, 2017 1085 views

I would like a career in accounting; however, I do not want to deal with taxes. What are my options?

I am really interested in accounting but I find taxes to be boring. I would like a job that did not deal with taxes.

Siena’s Avatar
Siena May 14, 2016 975 views

In what ways is a career in forensic accounting different and more or less rewarding than careers in other areas of accounting or business?

I am considering forensic accounting as a career and understand that it will require unique preparation besides majoring in accounting. I am trying to determine if I should add this additional preparation (additional coursework) to my course load while I am an undergraduate in case I want to...