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What qualifications are needed to work for the FBI?

I want to be a forensic accountant for the FBI
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3 answers

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Jess’s Answer

Hi Jess, Thanks for this answer! One thing we like to do and try to encourage Professionals like yourself is to pull some *key ideas* from the links/articles they send so that the Students can benefit from your advice here. Any key points here that you like? Much appreciated, Jordan Jordan Rivera, Team COACH

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Yunqing (Meredith)’s Answer

It is better if you look at the FBI job description. I know that there are not much opening for forensic accountant role in FBI. People are waiting in line to be added into this department.
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Eric’s Answer


The FBI is an exciting and challenging career, and one that can be extremely rewarding. I was recruited to the Bureau out of college, and I spent 10 years with them in NYC. At the time, the Bureau was looking for college graduates with degrees in either Computer Science, Law or Accounting. Other experiences can help as well, such as military or law enforcement, as well as fluency in other languages. Obviously, a clean background and plenty of personal/professional references will also be required as the FBI background check, as you would expect, is one of the most comprehensive reviews to go through. The process takes some time, so stay with it, and I would research available FBI accounting roles at:

- they detail the qualifications and requirements of the job in detail.

Good Luck!