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Career Questions tagged Plans

Cera’s Avatar
Cera Oct 27 88 views

What should I do to study plants in college if it isn't a main career goal/path?

I love gardening and plants and love learning about them. I took a small horticulture class through 4-H last year, which I really enjoyed. But, I don't plan on doing stuff with plants as a full-time career, I'd like to do it more as a hobby. So, I was wondering what I should do for high school...

Angelina’s Avatar
Angelina Apr 18, 2018 341 views

What are some basic plans I need to have for college when I get there?

Food plans? Going out? Eliminating procrastination. Transportation? Living place? Making friends? #plans #college #procrastination #goingout #basics

Joshua’s Avatar
Joshua Jan 16, 2018 850 views

How to plan for retirement?

Seeing as how my income will be very minimal while in college (around 200$ a month) how can I begin saving for my retirement? -- Also interested in investing
#plans #goals #retirement #investing #financial-planning #finance

Sumaya’s Avatar
Sumaya Apr 17, 2015 1519 views

How much does a dental hygienist make in a year after graduating hygiene school?

Hi, i am a senior in high school and very much interested in studying dental hygiene after graduating high school. Thank you in advance. #career #dentistry #salary #dental-hygienist #plans